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What Is a corporate package?

for one month I was in village in Etha district and I accompanied by my college senior. A person who first time come in village, who got a placement of 12 Lakh per annum, do not know how milk comes out side from a milching animal. He does not know what indigenous techniques villagers used inside the village. His background is B.Tech so every time he feels like that technical intervention is the only solution for improvement of villages. He is confused about Agriculture and farmer’s situation. He asked many questions that how they can survive in this condition for long term. earlier he felt proud to share that he got a placement of 12 Lakh but when he saw village labour, who are getting 150/day, maximum 4500/month and 52750 maximum for one year, he understood, more than that he is earning in a month. Now he never shared how much he is earning. He is now started reading ‘banker to the poor’ for better understanding of village and poverty. Yes his name is Manu Sekhar. B.Tech from Pantnagar and M.B.A from N.I.T.I Mumbai.

He told me now he is entering in ‘Real World’.


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One thought on “What Is a corporate package?

  1. This is really horrible… Yaar people thinks that only trickle down theory is possible for Rural Development but these bureacrates don’t know that the problem of a village can be better understood by villagers itself. Make a plan and trickle down it no body thinks of bottom up theory.

    Posted by Gurpreet Singh | March 1, 2011, 1:43 pm

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