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Old Show New Faces

I was in Madurai market and purchasing some food items when I saw a youth group having 7 members. They all were from a tech college. Group was making noise inside the shop and they were centre of attraction of almost all the people, who were inside the shop. People were scolding them in Tamil language but this group was not much concerned about what others thought about them. I was also there I thought that how they all are behaving like immature citizens. I felt irritation in my mind. Suddenly my old days picture came in mind when I was in my college and we friends enjoyed our Agra trip. Oh my god; how we irritated others. One person was just running behind us in Tajmahal   and continuously shouting that I will call police if you will make continuously noise inside the great momentum. But we were hardily bothered and rock the Tajmahal with our real Macho spirit and Ultimate Bhasad. By seeing those guys I recalled all my friends and I silently pray to god that please god give them chance as much as you can( bus fail mat kar dena)  Because.

Yahi to vo din hai jo yad aayenge, bad main to hum na jane kitni door ho jayenge.


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2 thoughts on “Old Show New Faces

  1. Interesting reflections, Yogesh.

    It reminds me of the first time that I was going to China. I was 18, and the teachers leading the trip simply said to the group, “Think of yourselves as ambassadors of the US. For many Chinese, you will be the first person from the US that they would have met face-to-face, and because of that, they will be observing you closely.”

    He didn’t tell us how to behave, what to do, or what not to do, but most of the students on this trip were pretty well-behaved after that.

    I agree with you that these guys should be given chances, but they should also be willing to listen to others when others object, and they should be matured enough to understand when and where different behaviors are appropriate.

    Posted by Ananda Mahto | February 14, 2011, 6:31 am

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