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When I entered in the Tata-Dhan Academy, first day first show, I saw a person in Madurai DHAN office. Someone mumbled that time, he is vasi Malai. I heard and forget. After few days, same personality I saw in our old campus where he reached for taking class of our seniors. That day I came to know that Vasi sir is the executive director of DHAN foundation and our academy is his dream and endeavour for produce the “Development Professionals”. I was really curious to know more about this personality because more often I am interested in those personalities who are blindly followed by others. We were fortunate that Vasi sir took our class in first term and many assignments he gave for self evaluation. That time many questions he raised in my inner self but truly speaking, I did not get any concrete answer for many of the questions. We finished our term but still much time in hostel we discussed with our seniors regarding Vasi sir and his endeavours, his work, and his personality but it was not enough for me to full fill my curiosity. When we started our second term again many time in many classes Vasi and his examples strikes in my mind. Especially in IBPOD course, Madan sir much time puts his example as an ideal personality. This again reinforced me to know more about Vasi sir. This time I thought that I will read more about him through his retrospective write-ups. But fortunately today when I was searching about him, I found a descriptive note about Vasi Malai. It is eight page note and in short, it is his life journey. This note I am writing after reading it; how an ordinary person can think for extraordinary dreams that I understood after reading it. Simple personality who came from a poor family, faced many challenges in his life, toil at the grass root level. He is a victim of so called agriculture revolution in late sixties. Now he knows that what is the importance of human capital, role of technology and how to integrate both? Since last one decade consistently his focus is to work for a system which will set a pattern where everyone will get respect, where people not known by his caste or poverty but get respect because of his talent and revolutionary ideas.  Now I understood that why a NGO spent that many resources to open an institute for make “Development Missionary” not development professional as told by others. (Vasi always use Missionary term for us in class room).

Dream has no cost but it demands passion for implement it in reality. If an IIM graduate can do wonders only because of his interest, why we can not who are getting specialisation in this burning sector. Now this is the next burning question in my mind, if we can do than how I can do?

I would suggest that please go through this link-http://www.goodnewsindia.com/index.php/Magazine/story/dhan/ and read about a true Indian who has dreams for his mother land. Who has not many desires like us, but who lives for poor as he said-

“Our human resource potential stuns me every time I consider it. Look these people around us. Take almost anyone of them, and show him or her the way, give opportunities, present challenges. And they will excel,” he says. “Never underestimate an Indian because he looks soft or is self-effacing.”




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