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Holi in Madurai

Colour of joy

HOli with Motherland

First time I am far from my Home but still the best thing is that we celebrated Holi here in Madurai with same zeal, enthusiasm and energy. As I always strongly feel that Holi is not a festival for any individual,its real essence comes when we celebrate with others.  It is a festival of colour and nature created these beautiful colours for us. So as nature give us colour, with the same passion and happiness, we should also share our beautiful life colours our happiness, learning and smile with others. If we are not able to celebrate with others than truly we are not deserve for the Holi celebration.  With this feeling, here in our Academy, we all celebrated Holi with our faculty members, villagers, mess workers, and other academy workers. We prepared many delicious food items and all enjoyed it during lunch time. At evening we performed a small cultural event. All we made our motherland India map, pour colour on it and take a oath that wherever we will be, we will try to make others life also colourful. We tried to make better understanding of all that how Holi originated, why we used colours in Holi, why this festival always remembered with Lord Krishna and Radha. We also presented famous “Mathura ki lathmar Holi”. Really we enjoyed a lot and at the same time the biggest satisfaction was that we enjoyed with our village community and workers who before never knew about this colourful festival. It is second part of the story, before that in hostel, early morning we all wake up and filled the water in         front of the hostel. Arvind, our Chennai friend was our first target, once he was inside the water and enjoyed the mud, all jumped in the water. We enjoyed a lot there for 3 hours. Relay it was a great day, hope with same zeal nd happiness we will celebrate Holi with others. Again wish you all a warmth, and happy Holi.


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