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Most Beautiful Gift for Us- Relations

Once God thought of creating a planet which would be the most beautiful in the universe he ever made.

He made the earth and coloured it with blue oceans, green grass, white snow, and black mountains, different species

But still…

God felt, something most beautiful is missing

He made human species here to survive on the earth and care of this beautiful earth,

But even something was missing

What was it?




Finally he added

Essence of relation

Relation between Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Husband-Wife, lovers, Friendship; relation among everyone who ever born in the earth.

Every time we forget in this materialistic life that what the essence of our life is, what is the meaning of beautiful relation? Life is not always a calculation like two and two makes four; it is something more than that. Feel it, realise it, relish it and live it because the most beautiful feelings which ever made in the earth by god is comes from relation and true relations are free of cost.

Here I am sharing glimpses of most beautiful relation in my surrounding here in Madurai. Let us enjoy it and take something out of it.

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