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Term End Introspection

In this academic calendar of our campus, it is my last blog from Madurai. So this is the time to sit again and introspect the learning of this valuable second term and my earning of last four months. It is valuable because it is a metamorphosis phase for me where last night  I was able to see changes in my attitude and work style. When I reached in the campus in January, after unexpected death of my grandfather, I was really nervous but once I started academic activities, as usual again I was engaged in the field assignment, report writing and presentation, I forget the pain of missing my best companion of childhood.

Over all in this term, I learnt many new and very exciting concepts from different courses. The best course of this term was Microfinance in which I came to know that why Micro-finance is a one of the most important tool for poverty alleviation. It was an eye opening course and because of this course, I studied international organisations, understood NABARD, other commercialised banks and non financial institutions’ role in Micro-finance sector.

The other most excited course for this term was related to interpersonal behaviour. Earlier in graduation, I was very much interested in human behavioural and communication related aspects but that interest I missed in first term in our academy. Thanks to this course which again disturbed me and recalled me that what is my passion. Not only verbal communication, I also improved my writing skills through our academic writing courses. I used frequently citation, improved my spelling mistakes, tried to avoid SMS language and most important I enjoyed writing not by force but by choice.

In the last four months, I did many other activities which was not the part of course curriculum. We participated in the budget session and discussed our views on budget with exports and others students. For that session, really I put my best efforts and it paid to me that time when I read post budget comments and I was able to understand most of the concepts and critics of these articles. Not only study and academic activities, we also celebrated Holi, seniors’ farewell, and world cup in the campus in unique fashion and culture with faculty, staff members, seniors and villagers. This term was quite better because we got more time with our loving seniors and it is always good to learn from them. The best click of this term was the moment when all were pouring the colour on our motherland India in Holi celebration.

My personal achievements for this term are limited but unique. First time I prepared my research design and now I am feeling satisfied because in the last term it was impossible for me to even think for it. I designed my own blog and in now I am quite comfortable with academic writing; I am able to share my feelings with others through my blog. This blog also motivates me to write and think for creative ideas. This term I read four books other than our course curriculum, it is an extra ordinary achievement here. Earlier I heard from my seniors that students never get extra time in academy to read any other material than academic courses; also I restarted my daily newspaper reading habit, which I lost in first term because of extra work load.

Overall this term is quite satisfying for me  but the overall ambiance of this term was not that much exciting as it was in first term may be because now we are the habitual of the academic system but the enthusiasm and energy level is still same which generates many time current in my mind. Now I am going for my second field work. Do not know after how many days I will get again net connection and chance for blog writing. I will be in Uttarakhand for study of Hilly fruit cultivation. Apart from my field work, I am waiting for exciting experiences of village life and hope I will get good stuff for sharing and writing. I am sure that I will be able to use efficiently learning during my 49 days field work.

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