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Convocation ceremony in Pantnagar

When we entered in Pantnagar University in the year 2006, after six month, we joined our seniors’ convocation in March 2007. After that grand ceremony, the only concern we had that foe few days that we all friends will also join our convocation (either we will rank first from top or bottom). Finally on 21st May 2011 our university gave us that prestigious chance to be a part of our convocation function. As we had conviction earlier and we planned for that since last many months, most of our friends joined that grand celebration and reached in campus from all over the India. Saluja and Debina reached from Bangalore, Vipra reached from Hyderabad. Toni, Jha came from IRMA Ahmadabad, Chawla and Surendra from Kolkata and so on. These two days 20th and 21st again we all lived together and really I personally never felt even a single second of these two days that I am pass out from this campus in last year; Same feelings, same energy, same hostel, same road, and same companions; what I could desire more than that for these two days. But yes I missed my dearest two friends Gurri and Dhami.

We had main function in the oldest Gandhi hall. This time our chief guest was Ismail Siddiqui, our first batch alumni of B.Sc. Agriculture and chief agriculture negotiator in Obama administration, IRRI (International Rice Research Institute, Manila) director, our Governor of Uttarakhand, and Agriculture Minister of Uttarakhand government. This time Gold, Silver, Bronze all medals won by our dearest friends; it was a great moment to see them on stage with a small coin.

Let me share some most memorable moments of these two days, on 20th I met with my dearest and closest; my girl friends Toad (Vipra) and Champak (Prateeksha). At evening time we sit together, walked together throughout our campus. We recalled all the memories what we had at different corners of this haven. That night when I reached in hostel, I did not have any idea that how many friends are drunk and what we are going to discuss. Fortunately or unfortunately I was the only guy who did not consume alcohol but accompanied to all my champ friends. It is always most difficult as well as funny time when you are single person in between the drunken friends. I have that same experiences since last four years and every time new experiences added into my memories. We celebrated that night up to 1 or 2 am, exactly do not know. I left the campus on next day, 21st evening but before that I met with all my friends.

Words are limited, feelings are infinite. Finally we got out degree and now I am also a graduate and alumni of this Grand Pantnagar University. I will be always thankful to this campus for everything what I got from this university, form my teachers and form my real gems- My Friends. May god give us continuous chances in future also to come back again and celebrate every moment of life for that period.         

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2 thoughts on “Convocation ceremony in Pantnagar

  1. I was missing Dhami and Gurri so one photo graph I selected from our Agri night 2011

    Posted by Yogesh | May 25, 2011, 4:18 am


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