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Difference between Graduation and Masters

This might not be a research topic, but I am sure that it is one of the most interesting topics for guys who met with their old friends after a long time or miss the golden era. And interestingly this discussion goes one step further when we reached into job and recall our energetic days of post graduation. Fortunately still I am in a first category, so I can share only about the metamorphosis of graduation to post graduation. Here I want quote one example; when I was in Sittilingi with Murugan sir, at late night we started our discussion with some formal issues and during that process I came to know that how still they missed his graduation days, he shared many funny and adventures incidences with me. What I personally realised that during our graduation we behaves like immature childish with our rocking friends and our fun does not know any boundary, but in post graduation we somehow diversified our fun era and meaning of our fun term become slightly change. Earlier for me fun was, late night Maggie, night out in multiplex, class bunk for a tea treat, romantic song with some special feelings, birth day celebration with heavy shots, trips with macho spirit, last night fight for exams and so on. This all now slightly change now into another way when I am one step ahead. Still fun is there, quantity is same, but the way of celebration is different; now the night out is for assignments, late night party after group process, romantic songs becomes development dialogue with special feelings, birthday celebration with same heavy shots, trips become exposure visit, and discussion on heavy and academic issues. This change is not happens only because I am in post graduation but because now I understand that this is the time for again re-search myself that what I am? Why I am? What I will be? This may feel very boring after a long flow of four year masti but I am quite sure, this happiness you can not get only by “Nonsense Wastage” of time. So celebrate this transformation and enjoy each and every moment of life. And yes, please never forget the importance of the “Nonsense Wastage” of time because it is the ultimate source of energy when you feel alone and not found anyone else closer to you.


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One thought on “Difference between Graduation and Masters

  1. This article is very close to my heart

    Posted by Yogesh Bhatt | June 1, 2011, 12:45 pm

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