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First Monsoon shower in Madurai

Date- 30the May, time 6.30 pm.

I was working on my laptop. My window was open and I was enjoying the cool outside breeze. When this cool breeze carried rainfall with itself that I could not realized. My friends were yelling outside with thunders and music. Usually it happens that, whenever this type of opportunity we get, we just start to enjoy that moment. This time I did not know that what was happening, why these guys were not jumping outside in rain. At last Sandeep took the initiative with Anurag and shouted that everyone came outside and enjoy the rain dance. Till that point I was reluctant, I was just waiting that when these people will jump so I will get a natural moment to click some beautiful pics. Fortunately before involving in the first Monsoon shower in Madurai I was able to finish a smart job; I collected some memories. We all started dancing outside the campus. Music system is always a best friend for these moments so we carried music system outside and challenge the thunder sound. This was a half an hour show with full fun and energy. After that we went for a long walk and enjoyed the peaceful beauty of nature.

This was something very cheer able moment for us; that time I was just thinking about the last part of the movie Wake up Sidd. Really life is not all about the competition, chasing, and perfection; it is something beyond than that. It also demands peace, calm, and love. Nature always gives us a chance to enjoy these beautiful colours of life at every moment but we are the only culprit who we never realized that what nature wants to tell us. Please this time whenever you get chance sit silently, listen carefully and dance with the nature.


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One thought on “First Monsoon shower in Madurai

  1. Do not waste water…
    Best way to utilize rain,

    Posted by Yogesh | June 1, 2011, 1:29 pm

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