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Invisible Hand of my Guru

26th July 2006 was the first day when I entered in the Pantnagar University as a registered student. As usual we all had to gone through different steps of registration formalities. It was surely one of the most important day of my life, not only because I was registered in the university as 32994th student but also because that day I met with a personality who changed my life, my goals, my personality, my understanding of life, and many-many other things which even today I am trying to explore within myself. The very first day still have crystal clear memories in my mind. I was feeling very frightened because of new environment and raging. No one was there with me inside the N. K. Anant Rav for helping me in all the formalities. I was really very much depressed. Suddenly someone came closer to me and told that I have to go in 202 N where my advisor is waiting for me. I did not know what Advisor mean is; I thought OK it is far better than facing these damn seniors. Someone was there, a person, age around 50+, with a cheerful smile. He asked me my name and formally responded his name and department. Really I forgot within a fraction of seconds his name and designation. But as our fate in Agriculture degree programme, continuously we have to write our advisor name and department name is all the 8 cards finally I memorized that my advisor name was Dr. B. Kumar from communication department. That time I did not knew the spelling of communication but that person helped me 8 times and told same spelling and his name without any irritation. I was again forgot him and left that place. Same day evening time my one senior reached in hostel for ragging and asked me what my advisor name was? I told them B. Kumar, I cannot forget that moment because I got a solid slap (my first and last slap in raging period). Why it is? What was my mistake? My answer was right. Than my senior replied that personality name is not B. Kumar, he is Dr. B. Kumar, and next 5 minute he told what the meaning of this name in this university is? I forget everything but only one sentence is still very fresh in my memory. My senior said-“you are lucky person because your advisor is Dr. B. Kumar”.

I did not understood that time what was the meaning of my senior’s word but yes today I am 100%  sure that my senior was wrong.  I was not mere lucky person I was the luckiest person in the 2006 Batch. That person, whom everyone knows as Dr. B. Kumar, who has masteries in communication, changed my life and gave a U turn to every aspect of my life. In first year, when no one had trust on me, even I did not have faith on my abilities, that time only one place was heaven for me; it was B. Kumar sir’s cabin. It was the only place (not even my hostel room) where I could cry, could share my feelings, could speak my 100% impure English, or even could make comments on all my instructors of different courses. He was the first person who told me that you are born to do something very special and you have your own unique identity by which you can make your own path. He was the first person who applauded and praised me after listening my impure and Hindi mixed English.

Once he came in our hostel during raging period and referred one example from Shiv Khera book. My god, what was it? Each word was spark and full of motivation, energy, and passion. First time I realised, what an advisor I have. How could I dare to think about manage a workshop outside the VSM with my own team with our own management for our juniors. We did and  It was only magic of B. Kumar sir’s words and his support and blessings who filled that much enthusiasm to us by which we were able to revive the Immortal again and organised workshop for juniors. Truly speaking I never got good grade in my graduation and (fortunately or unfortunately I do not know) it is the procedure that student will get GPA sheet only from his Advisor. We all four advisee (three girls  and only one boy) were sitting together and sir  had words for everyone who had GPA more than 7.5 except me. Why not me? Simple because I had GPA less than 7. After when all 3 girls left his cabin, he smiled, stared me for one minute;  till that time my heart beats increased two times more. At last he shared my GPA and told in very soft tone that he never bothered about my grades because my destiny was not ultimately this agriculture course. First time I realized through him that my destiny is rural development because as he told my biggest strength is my sensitivity (still exploring its meaning). He forced me to join VSM in spite of my poor academics, he forced me to read daily English news paper, and he forced me to dare think beyond classroom and regular courses. How I will find words to describe his contribution in my life.

When yesterday I talked with him after his formal farewell from Pantnagar University, I memorised all my experiences with him. At that moment I dared to explore that what significance and what contribution he has in my life and suddenly I realized that still I am a fool, not only fool I am dumb. How I can measure his contribution in my life, which parameter should I use for this? In the final semester in Pantnagar, when my career was in dilemma; it was the time again when I had doubt on my caliber and potential because I could not get success any major entrance MBA exams. That time again sir was there as a rock with his infinite support at every moment; he was the only person who understood my silence. Every day I met with him, discussed my options and revised my goals and ultimately only because of his word, I made mind set to join Tata-Dhan Academy which was a very new institute for we Agrarians (I am the first student in TDA from Uttarakhand since last ten year of its establishment).

Sir I know that there are thousands of students in university and alumnus’, whom you inspired in last 30+ year of your academic career. I am one among thousands, but you are the only one for me whom no can substitute in my life. As a student, I am always attempting blessings and words of motivation from you. As per my knowledge, Bihar is a historical place and has a unique identity in our India; this state is a birth place of number of great saints and personalities but I will remember Bihar for two personalities and you are the one. Sir accept my heartily thanks and prayers for you.               


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10 thoughts on “Invisible Hand of my Guru

  1. Go ahead yogesh .All the best .

    Posted by Anshu Gupta | July 2, 2011, 9:32 pm
  2. So true. Sometimes I used to envy you people for having sir as your academic adviser. I may not have had many conversations with him but the few I had remain etched to day and shall remain for ever.
    For me he is not just an inspiration for inspirations are often distant but sir is like the friend you make in the first conversation and never want to loose.A guiding friend with whom you have confided a lot and you never know when you did so.

    Posted by Aditya tewari | July 3, 2011, 4:30 am
  3. Hi, Yogesh you are really a luckiest person that you have got such a supporting & father like Advisior, who knows you better than you self;just further improve your abilities what you have. God bless you and your advisor for motivating the other students also especially who are very shy in nature.

    Posted by Lalit pandey | July 3, 2011, 5:40 am
  4. superb!!!!! bhai…. after reading dis i can understand how lucky u r….. but its ur hardwork tooo which make u a perfect person who could choose a right place for himself……. Gud luck!!!!!

    Posted by nanda | July 3, 2011, 7:38 am
  5. Great yar, mja aa gya parh k. God bless u!!

    Posted by Govind singh dhami | July 5, 2011, 5:44 pm

    Posted by BIRENDRA KUMAR | July 13, 2011, 10:59 am
  7. hi… Yogi.. Guru is the most inporatnt person in our life.. and i feel proud that you are in one of the some students who remeber there teachers after there studies also.

    good going.

    All the very best.

    Posted by devedra | July 24, 2011, 7:21 am

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