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Jindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Jindagi na Milegi Dobara

This line is quite popular now days among youths. I was just listening this song than suddenly I remind my term end introspection. Yes this is the time to sit and consolidate all learning and beautiful moments from this third term of our academic calendar. Why this introspection at the end of this term, suddenly this question asked by my friend and then I forced to think, Yes why this introspection? Is it having any relevance for me or I am just doing time pass. I sit ten minute, read my last two introspective notes and felt satisfied; this introspection note is outcome of that satisfaction. So let me summarize my journey of this term.

This term I reached in my Academy on 21st May night after attending my convocation event in Pantnagar University; next day we had fieldwork II presentation; so my starting in this term was thrilling and exciting. Firs target of this term was report writing and presentation of fieldwork II. I finished this task successfully and this time I am satisfied with my performance in field.  This term we had a number of interesting courses or I would say it was the best term for me. We had course of Human Resource Management (my best course), Marketing for development (MODE), Building people organisation for development (BUD), Managerial Oral Communication (MOCK), and few other courses. I personally learnt maximum from these four courses.

PDM XII inauguration

HRM was an eye opening course in which I tried to introspect myself as a member of this sector and at the end of 14th session, I felt that I can enter and perform better in this challenging sector. Thanks to Uma madam who make this course very interesting for us. MOCK was another course where we did so many experiments with our presentation skills; it was all about our oral communication and presentation skills.  At the end of term I was able to identify and improve my major problems regarding presentation skills. In this term MODE was most challenging course for us, this course was facilitated by Vasi sir. First time I learnt that what is the best way for case analysis is? Vasi sir made that class a gymnasium for us, we were forced to stress our self; the outcome of all process was my learning of number of marketing tools and applications in market where our customer is quite interestingly poor people. I can bet no one can give better exposure of rural marketing than Vasi sir. The core subject in this term was “Building of people organisation” (BUD); it was the course in which I was able to clarify all my doubts what I was carrying from fieldwork 1 and 2. Shanti madam as a facilitator, community as a teacher, daily exciting topics for discussions and learning, what I could demand more than that for learn. This course was a net practice for DPS 1. This term we explored the biggest NGO of India DHAN and tried to understand its three development themes related to micro finance, rain fed farming, and tank fed agriculture programme.

My new friends in Academy

Other than academics, this term we organised spots week in our academy after a long gap with the help of our loving juniors. I met with Seema, Shilpa and Shweta, my three intelligent and very sweet sisters. Sandeep and I carried fishes for our academy pond and now I am emotionally attached with them. I read six books other than our academic books; it is also one achievement for me. Over all in a short two and half month term if I will calculate, I can count so many events and moments which are enough to make me smile and satisfy. First two terms I was just reading all different courses but I was not much able to see this world with a different perspective. This term I could see the change within me and my attitude towards my surrounding; In Sangeetha madam words “I was able to realize graduation in my thinking process and my attitude”. First two terms I had so much time when I felt lonely in the academy but this term I could not get time for this also.

Its time for sports week

Few things I determined for this term but could not continue, I did not take further initiative for learning the software for data analysis. I also could not continue my gym class which I started this term. Time management is one more aspect where I am not satisfied; I could utilize time in more efficient manner. This term I could not have any discussion with my faculty except Ananda and Shanti madam; these are some issues which I will try to improve in next term. Now I am leaving my Academy for next field exposure; this time I will be in Sholapur, Maharashtra for work with poor people for SHG formation.

Over all I cheered this term, I live my maximum time with full energy and happiness because I learnt this lesson from my friends- Jindagi Na Milegi Dobara.


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  1. yes, you have written very well but take care of typing part, otherwise you know very well…

    Posted by Amarendraar | August 14, 2011, 6:24 pm

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