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Young Leadership for Young India-YUVA 2012

“Men is like an infinite spring in a small box trying to unfold itself”- Vivekananda

Till 1990s India considered as the second most populated country in the world, but after 1990s scenario had totally changed when liberalization policies adopted by India. Indian young gun fired at world map in every dimension; than world realized that we are the country has the maximum youth human resource. At present India known as the youngest country in the world. It is the time when we have the largest ever youth group. According to World Bank report 2007” development and next generation” youth is the most valuable assets for developing countries over developed countries in the next generation.

Youth leadership has been an interesting and challenging concern for all visionaries in different time period; the greatest Hindu epic Ramayana talk of Maharshi Viswamitra mentoring the lord Rama, in middle era Chankya guided Chandragupta for united India. Now Dr. Abdul Kalam enthuse immense faith on youth for vision India 2020. But is it very easy to utilize our human resource?

For continues pace of development, young leadership is required in every aspect of growth. It includes three pillar of democracy legislative, judiciary, and administrative. Other than these academics, politics, business sector, and Agriculture sector everywhere youth participation compulsory for energetic guidance.

Resources are there, Opportunities are there, and challenges are also there. Leadership call for initiative and sacrifice, but unfortunately in present context many diversions are there in front of youth as obstacles which misguided our valuable asset which results our youth becoming a liability for country because of this human resource rich India itself faces a crisis of cream mass. For instance in Indian political system confronting the severe crisis of young leadership, Indian army is facing more than 20000 officer’s shortage. Indian business sector demands for high quality professionals. But reality is far behind. Every year more than 250 universities, 1500 research institutions, and 10,428 higher- education institutes, produces 200000 engineering graduates and another 300000 technically trained graduate every year; but still demand is far much than supply. Different state Agriculture universities producing thousands of agriculture graduates every year but still we count Agriculture growth rate in decimals.

That alarming reminder is a major concern for policy makers because one side there is a shortage of quality professionals and in other hand India is facing serious problem of unemployment. It causes heavy load on the primary sector like Agriculture, and ultimately it extended the very less efficient use of youth power.

Indian mass is working in foreign countries and doing marvelous job in every field but India suffering for young leadership. Our youth attitude is seeking for job who wants livelihood support from government sector, and private sector; and it is common for educated as well as high qualified youth. Very little percentage of youth has guts to face challenges, and adversities to take lead for new sector which will add a new dimension of development. This initiative is the actual need of developing India; our country wants leaders not a mob of followers who can misguide very easily by any negative force. Daily strikes, Naxalite problem and terrorism are common outcome of it which India severely facing today.

We have bulk of youth resources but its transformation is a big challenge for all institutes, planners, policy makers, visionaries, and academics to mentor and support the young masses for this single theme young leadership. As a country we have a vision, vision 2020; this vision will achieve if our burning fuel for development engine is youth. As youth icon Vivekananda told-“Arise, Awake and Stop not till the Goal is Reached.”

Everyone knows that making leaders is a challenging task but nothing is impossible, and there is a will, there is a way. One of the best ways is to participate in YUVA 2012; this time VSM Pantnagar chapter in organizing an international youth conference for mobilizing the youth for a cause-“Cause is to be a part of happy and satisfied world”. Join us in 150.youthariseawake.org and be a part of change what you want to see in our world.

Be a leader, participate in the event; share your ideas, your innovative thinking so that we can have a mutual sharing, conviction, and better action for a better world.



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