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“Again a boring evening, where are you dada ji (Grandfather)? I am missing you a lot. Not one is here to share stories with me. I hate this summer vacations time when you returns back to village”.

Amba was thinking while she was sitting alone outside the home. She was waiting eagerly for her parents. Her parents do work in a company and usually they come back after six o’clock. While many thoughts were crawling in her mind suddenly she saw a very beautiful bird was sitting in the park. The bird was pure whitish in colour with a large pinkish beak; its eyes were dark black and it was bigger in size as compare to ducks what she saw last month in the nearby lack. She was curious to know more about the bird but there was none was available who could response for her quarries. Night time she shared this with her parents but they were not much interested about her talk. Before sleeping that night she decided that next evening again she will go there and watch the strange bird.

A siberian crane by P V Sanjana

Next day again Amba went to the same place and after some time she found that same bird was there and it was enjoying the sunshine. Amba innocently asked her few rhetoric questions- “hey beauty how is you? How you came here? I never saw you before here”. Suddenly it was something much unexpected happened there when politely bird replied- “hello sweetie, I am fine. I am from Siberia and first time I am visiting to the India so you might do not know about me” Now Amba was totally puzzled because first time she was talking with a bird at the same time she was very much curious to know much about her so she discussed further-

Amba- What is your name? What is this Siberia and how you are speaking our language?

Shwetina- some many questions…; ok one by one. My name is Shwetina Putin and I am here with my parents and with my friends for one season. Originally we are from another country, known as Russia. There one place called Siberia; my native place is Siberia.

Amba- oh god snow! I also love winter season. In our city fog is very dense during the winter but my grandfather told me that in many places of India snow fall also happens during winter like in Kahsmir and Himalayan states. So it means you are not from my country than why you came here from your country Siberia? Sss… sorry forget your name; can I say simply Shweta to you? Please!

Shwetina- Oh yes sure. I love this name. We came to India every year because in winter our country total covered by snow and it is impossible to live there and find food for survival. Our ancestor found India as best host country in winter season so every year seasonally we migrate to India.

Amba- Oh great. It seems you are not alone here; so where are your parents? Can I talk with them also? Do they also know our language? Call them for lunch any day with my parents, we will enjoy together.

Shweta- No no no. they do not know your language; I learnt because we have more access of Bird Book where I have so many friends from India.

Amba- What is this bird book? First time I heard this term.

Shweta- It is just like your face book. We use bird book as social site where we have contacts with different bird species across the countries. You know why this time we came here because my friend from Kanpur told me through bird book to avoid Kanpur region because it is over polluted now. Next time might be we will avoid India also.

Amba was curious for this new friend but suddenly she felt bad for this response. She asked further to Shweta- “Why you will avoid my great country? Do your new generation not like our country? She how beautiful my country is; how friendly we are with nature. Why you will not come; tell me?”

Shweta replied politely- sorry friend if I hurt you. We also love India and we want to come again and again to India but now thing are rapidly changing.Earlier our ancestor found India as haven but now it is no safer for us. Environment pollution, impure water, more chemical application in agriculture fields, plastic use, and hunting are very common challenges to us so now we are shifting to other countries.

Amba- Oh really I never thought about it. Mummi also uses plastic and our family in village also applies chemical fertiliser in field for more crop production. My grandfather told me that now people are also killing some birds for enjoyment but I did not had any idea that you are those species.

Time was flying and Amba was getting late for returning back to home. She requested to Shweta to meet again next day at same time, same place for more discussion. Night time she was missing her grandfather because she was eager to share her very strange experience with someone. She had a good slumber with the sweet imagination of Siberia and other migrated Shwetas.

Next day Amba decided to go for a walk and decided to keenly observe her colony and local areas; she was interested to know that how many points are relevant shared by Shweta. Amba started from her home; it was an eye-opening experience for her. First time in home she observed that everywhere family was using the polythene and plastics. They do much water wastage. She found in bathroom and kitchen also her mother was using chemicals to kill the insects. Now Amba was very nervous and she was thinking that how she will face Shweta in evening.

Now Amba planned to go for exposure of outside. She took her notebook to pan down all points.

oh dirty slum life

Amba was in way and suddenly she found that one cow is swelling plastic with food. She mumbled “Oh what is this! It is very harmful for your body.”  She found that everywhere plastic was thrown and street dogs and cattle were feeding on that. She moved further and first time she entered to a street where her parents never allowed her to go. Amba saw that everywhere waste and polluted water was flowing on the main street; water channels were open, children were doing open defecation in Main Street. Kids were playing near to garbage pool. It was impossible to stay there more than five minutes because of bad smell. She determined to warn Shweta and her friends to avoid this place for searching of food and water.

She was coming back; suddenly she saw Shweta was there. She was pale and blue in appearance and she was yelling. Street dogs were barking and trying to bite her. Amba shouted and thrown stone to dogs saved the Shweta life. Dogs ran away from that place.

Amba carried Shweta back to home and put some water and food into her mouth. After some time Shweta opened her eyes. Now she was appearing calm and comfortable. After watching Shweta, Amba emotionally shouted- “Hey friend how is you? How you reached there? You should not come there. Fly fly…fly form this place. You were right you should not come to India. Go… go… search any other place where you will be safe” 

Shweta- Hi honey; I am ok now. Thanks for saving my life. You do not worry, it happens everywhere but I never found any friend like you everywhere. I am very sure that our ancestor decided to come here in India because they founded you ancestor also very cute and caring nature.

Amba- Please does not praise us; in realty we all human are responsible for it. It is not only you are suffering even our holy cow is also forced to feed on plastics.

Shweta- it is right but I have faith that now your generation is much aware for conservation and sustainability. Anyways tomorrow we are leaving back to our country.

Amba eyes were filled with tear; she asked- “are you seriously leaving tomorrow? Will you not comeback in future to our country? I wanted to have your introduction with my grandfather. He is my best friend. Please come again. I promise to you I will make my surrounding and park clean for you and your friends. Once my school will open, I will also share with my friends and we all work for that but please come again.”

Shweta responded emotionally- “sure friend I will come back next year also with my children and husband. I will meet with grandfather and we will enjoy again. I have faith that you will work for conservation for environment because it is not only for us but also humane will get benefit out of it otherwise all will suffer with diseases.”

Amba- Yes you are right. I will start from my home. We will try to avoid all the plastic items, reduce water consumption, and will try to reduce the total wastes with recycle of bio waste.”

Shweta- Great! If all children are smart, intelligent, and aware like you than sure there will be no issue. Now I should go back. My parents are waiting for me and I have to prepare for tomorrow journey; after all it is a long journey.

We will wait for you friends

Amba- ok friend next year same month, same evenings, I will wait on same garden.

Shweta- Yes sure; Thanks for this beautiful friendship.

Shweta flew back in the open sky with her wide feathers, Amba was watching her with a hope that next time again she will be able to see Shweta with her beautiful kids. Till that time period she has to do much for making a visible change in India so next time no bird will say to anyone that we will not come again to India.


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  1. I wrote this story for my class room assignment and than I thought to dedicate this story to our sweet baby Amba- our faculty Ananda’s baby.

    Posted by Yogesh | November 22, 2011, 10:37 am

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