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Hope for Better Tomorrow.

Can you sense a pinch in your body? Have you ability to walk up to your office or college without any support? Can you share your thoughts perfectly with others by using your gestures and postures? Had you gone through tough classes regarding your dressing sense or facial expressions before job interviews?

Fortunately all we are have god grace and loving parental rearing that we got all the facilities and societal support for achieving what we want and deserves in life. But is it equally available to all; is it that we all treated in a same manner in our societal frame? All these questions are not very frequently comes into my mind but today when I got a chance to interact with few live examples and saw a dream model of selfless serving for others, I got an instinct that where we limits our self after confronting challenges, few rare examples starts their life from that point; probably in past human glory was always uplifted by those rare breed of people. This is an attempt of experience sharing of unique endeavors of institute where we visited for understand the rights of physically disabled people.

Amar Seva Sangam (ASS) is a Non-Profit Organization working for the disable (better if you would use term ‘different abled”) people specially children; they are mentally and physically challenged. This dream mission was initiated in the year 1981 by one engineer, name Rama Krishna; because of a tragic accident his body paralyzed and he lost control in body parts below neck.

Two Legends

After that accident, he devoted his life for a mission- ‘serve to different able people’. He started this initiative with five polio infected children in four rooms. After two year, one more charismatic person, Sankara Raman, Charter Accountant by profession, joined his vision as secretary of Amar Seva Snagam. Raman sir is physically challenged and his body below the neck does not function. They cannot even shake their figures without others support; both the visionaries always dependent on another person for all the small needs. Two people, permanently in wheel chair, together develop Amar Seva Sangam as a perfect example for us ‘so called normal human being’ that how best we can serve the different abled people.

In Amar Seva Sangam no one uses the words like pity, poor, and disable. Their deeds redefine the word AUTISM-Always Unique, Totally Interesting Sometime Mysterious. Amar Seva Sangam campus is well established in 37 acre land with all the facilities. Outside the campus this institute staff is providing services in 600 nearby villages. Inside the campus they have one primary school and one high school where all mental and physically challenged students get quality education with the normal children in integrated manner. Total 250 students are living there and getting special care for medical treatment and studies.

Special treatment for small kids

Institute has one caliper unit where they develop and artificial body parts. There are providing facilities to children for rehabilitation back into main stream by providing number of facilities. Children are living here in special residential home; it is separate for disable boys and girls. One Nippon building sponsored by Government of Japan is dedicated for medical checkup of patients; Spinal cord injured post-acute center is taking care of severe disabled cases where patients come with severe problem of spinal cord and paralysis. All the facilities inside the campus are totally free of cost for all the patients. There is no discrimination among rich and poor.

Frequently in roads, buses, and trains we observes and confronts the disabled beggars; no one want to own them and we have common understanding that they are fit for nothing. My understanding now totally change after experiencing the intensive activities in ASS; In the institute specific focus is on the opportunities of higher education; children have accessibility of IGNOU courses in campus for higher education. Graduate and master courses in different streams are available here. The whole campus facility and staff is focuses on life skill development among the different able people. Institute provides number of livelihood training for them; a well develop computer lab, tailoring training center, book binding training center, and typing practice center are available inside the campus.

Rama sir and Raman sir had very much clear vision for this institute. They are running this organization with full professionalism. Here the entire staff member is paid and no one is volunteers. They are mobilizing fund from the individual and group donors. All the administration work is well maintained and supervised by professionals.

Time with Shankara Raman sir

Within next five year they want to collect 50 crore (500 million) as corpus fund for the institute. We had a lively interaction session with both the charismatic leaders. We could feel the immense energy of both visionaries. Today I understood one thing that leadership is not merely name for a smart personality and persuasive talks but it is much more than that. If you can motivate and ignite others heart by your deeds, it is true leadership. During discussion I asked one question to Raman sir- ‘what we can do for disabled people in our surrounding because every time I feel sympathy for them”. I got straight forward answer- “they do not want your pity or sympathy; they want facility and support, they want your trust that they are also valuable and worthwhile. If you want to do something for them, give equal rights to them and put everlasting trust on them”.

Struggle against Odds

My words are limited for describing Amar Seva Sangam. Journey is long, much struggle is on way, but ASS team is working enthusiastically with a single hope; hope is that one day all the different able people will get same respect and rights as we normal people get. They will be no more seen as challenged or handicap rather than they will have dignity, equal right, and acceptance in society.Essence of this hope we could felt there when a child was struggling during cycling in a tough slope; one my colleague tried to help him but he say no with a sweet smile and again continued with his struggle.





For more information you can visit in amarsevasangam.org


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