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Date- 13th February

Time is around 11 pm; it is my last night in Gujarat as an intern. In last two months, I had many reasons to feel happy and satisfy. Today late evening, while I was walking near to Sabar rive in Ahmadabad, I was thinking about my last two months, my work, learning, and experiences; suddenly one story came into my mind. This story has five characters (so sad no girl) and the best thing is all the characters are very fresh whom I met first time in this stay (only one old). I always believe that we can get love and learning from anyone; it does not matter he/she is old, young, poor, or rich. Last two month I invested in Gujarat for my study. Here I met with so many people in Netrang (my study area), in all the 20-22 villages where I visited during study, and Ahmadabad. But five special names I would really like to share here. I wanted to say my heartily thanks to them because without their presence I could not successfully finish my Gujarat chapter. So now the curtain is open; five actors are Charu sir, Kundan sir, Sukumar sir, Ram Bhai, and Anurag. Let me introduce all.

The first actor of my story is Charu Chandra Joshi or Charu sir; my college senior from Pantnagar; I never knew earlier that he was my college senior (pahle to kabhi mile hi nhi the). But as it is universally accepted truth about Pantnagar Bhasadies; we met, we greeted, and within five minute our discussion topic was Mall road (first), Gandhi hostel, and ragging period (second). He was my first friend and support in Netrang. Charu sir I never tasted earlier Sattu but you prepared it every day for me. Now I know that I have licence to call you at any time for preparing Sattu and getting tips about Laundiyabaji. Charu sir I love your clarity about few things; your dare to accept things without make any changes on that (mat socho ki esa kyun kaha). Thanks sir for your love, support, and late night walks in AKRSP-I campus. Charu sir sorry, I completely forget to thank you for your most beautiful gift to me in Ahmadabad; one and only one –Kundan sir. This paragraph cannot finish without entry of our best cook.

Kundan Bhai is main actresses (sorry actor) of this story; always in search of best; highly impressive in kitchen, 24 hour ready for support, and always keep updating on matrimonial. The best thing about Kundan sir, he is the person whom I can disturb and tease up to any limit. Kundan sir I wish that for marriage you will get the best girl in your 12*12 laptop. After your marriage I will be there to carry your BABY (I know you got it). You made arrangements for our study and invited us for food in most critical times (jab hum field se aake bhukhe nange rahte the). Do not miss us sir (I know you will), in future also we will be there to disturb you by any mode of communication. Are sir please update us continuously with your long list of placement calls.

Actually I decided to write this blog because formal report will not allow me that much space for acknowledge you all. I wanted to have more space for you, Sukumar sir. First day when I met with you; I thought oh one more ANNA is here. Thank god you did not recalled me my Madurai days. As An intern we could never thought to get that much liberty to apply our creativity in both the studies but you were always near to guide and listen us throughout our stay and study. Long chats, late night discussions in our room, pivot class, clarity on processes, work on sample design and questionnaire; I learnt lot of things from you. Thanks sir, thanks for being there to help us and listening all my nonsense questions.

Ram Bhai, you are the last but one of the most interesting and bold among all my five heroes whom I wanted say thanks from bottom of my heart. I know you will never see this page or even you will see, you cannot read it but really it does not matter for me. Without you I could not finish this study; other could just facilitate me or guide me for study but you were the only one who carried me in your splender+. You taught me that how we youngsters should feel energetic whole day in field without any food. You helped me to understand the tribal culture, wisdom, and knowledge. In all our nonsense chats when I putted my all bookish knowledge to show my intelligence; your one simple sentence was enough to teach me the ultimate truth of life- “par kya kare jina to padta hai”. One night when you were sharing your life story than I felt that how lucky I am? You are real worrier Ram Bhai; for others you might be a simple NGO field worker but for me you are the philosophy teacher.

So finally and formally I am closing my Gujarat chapter; I missed here one name; that deserved to be her but as someone told from bolly wood –“Picture Abhi Banki hai Mere Dost”. Last two months will be always memorable and very important for my whole life because here I could sense smell of my hard work and it was possible only because of your favfive support. Thanks, thanks to all you again.      


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3 thoughts on “Acknowledgement

  1. Sorry, but I had to laugh (or at least smile) at this line: “Actually I decided to write this blog because formal report will not allow me that much space for acknowledge you all.”

    Posted by mrdwab | February 14, 2012, 4:02 am
  2. Nice flow of writing (a story telling mode) …… Keep up your spriti and more important is keep writing……..

    Posted by Sukumar | March 5, 2012, 7:29 am

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