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Believe and Become

What is the hidden truth behind the imagination of a beautiful world? When number of good things, good books, good thoughts, good civilisation, good education, and everything good is available and accessible in the world than why with every passing day we are strongly realising that human deeds, values, culture, and human divinity is shrinking. Why human being like Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Muhammad, and Musa are now not among us; their deeds we count as so pious that we have faith that they were god in human form. We cannot be like them, we cannot do that much for others, we do not have that much power and potential; they were a different rare race called god so they are not like us, and so on. This is the common understanding with which we are living in our mother world. We do not have firm faith on our self that we are equally capable to do good deeds, live a quality life with supreme values and integrity. That belief word seems a common word which we use very frequently in daily life but its realisation in self is very-very rare and difficult task. Buddha was in search of void that “what he should belief as ultimate happiness and truth”. For that he started a divine journey and he devoted his life for it. Vivekananda started and end his journey with one single powerful message to youth-”believe in your existence”

Belief on self must be more than god; it is the mantra from all religions. Without belief we cannot enjoy the supreme happiness even though we have all the worldly luxuries to fulfil our physical needs. Self Belief means firm faith on existence of self; without it again we will suffer because last need of our human life is self actualisation (as Maslaw defines in his need theory). We must have believed on our divinity, our destiny, and our karma. In childhood, my teachers taught me and gave number of reasons that why humane are superior to other living creatures; but now I understood that the most unique difference is that human have believe on his capabilities, thinking, and ideas which distinguish him.

Believe is much needed for being a human being, “realising divinity in myself to make myself perfect”. The belief must be beyond any doubt, any reasoning, and any logical question; when it happens than only I will think on my destiny and karma with pure devotion. If I will start search of anything with full devotion than surely it will be believe on myself. Believe comes with clarity and simplicity. Once believe is there than it cannot have multiple faces because true believe has no reasoning so one cannot live two believes at a same time; if someone thinks that he is enough intelligent to do this than actually it cannot be define as believe.

Once we start believing on something than doubts has no more space and destiny appeals louder. Vivekananda used to say- “believe on one idea, live with that, die with that; with that firm believe on your idea you will revolutionised the world”. Here one question arises that if belief has that much importance and it has wonderful power than why it is so rare and difficult to imbibe in self. One possible and visible reason is, the world is full with infinite uncertainties so we feel that it would be difficult to stand with one idea, live with integrity and if we will do this than the fear is might be we will be no more with our comfort zone. If someone tries to do this, we take them as abnormal and rare breed of human race. Truth is glory of human life and it will come with belief on self and it is the message which we can draw from Geeta. Geeta talks frequently about Swadharma and its realisation. It comes only after realisation of self and it will happen once we will start believe on self. So nothing is concrete without having firm believe on self or an idea or an ideology or a scripture.

Once a person asked to Vivekananda-“I lost everything, I lost my wealth, my relatives, my house what can be worst than this” Vivekananda replied- “it is not the worst; the worst thing is when you will lose belief that you can get back all what you lost”.  Steve Job was thrown out from his own company Apple but even at that lowest time, he had firm believe on his idea and himself which brought him back more strongly in the same company. There are number of examples can be written for describing the beauty of believe and it’s magic. But the belief on anything only will come once we will devote our self to that anything; without this nothing is possible.  


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