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Obituary at the end of my life

“A person who invested initial 25 years to dare and design big dreams and next 50 years to achieve those dreams”

I never wanted to see anybody die, but there are a few obituary notices I have read with pleasure- Clarence Darrow

Yogesh, never thought in initial phase that he has to do these many things in his life. He was a very simple village student, very shy and        filled with inferior complex in initial phase of his life. In the initial days of his college life he thought that he should leave college because he was not able to learn anything about agriculture and he was depressed with his academic performance. He never knew that god have a different plan for him; he met with two personalities who helped him to realise his potential and identify the way which was designed only for him. His friends suggested many traits as his character strengths but he realized that his biggest strength was sensitivity towards his surroundings.

As a family member, he was a good son who always has deep respect for his parents and their learning. His parents were the ideal parent for him and he copied them in later part of his life. He cared for his family; he was not able to give much leisure time to the family members but the level of understanding they have about each other, it was outstanding. His wife was his best strength and the best supporter. Not only in family life but also in professional life they stood together against all the ups and downs.

In the social life he was able to contribute something in others life. He brought livelihood in many houses and enabled them to come out from poverty. Pine forest always disturbed him and since his childhood, he was disturbed because of their presence in the Uttarakhand forest. He tried hard to remove pine trees and promote orchards, fruit trees, and local trees for water conservation and check the soil erosion. Himalaya always lured him since his childhood; he found that serving small rivers and tributaries in hilly region is the best way to serve the Himalaya so later part of his life invested for preserving and cleaning of local rivers in Uttarakhand. He knew the power of youth as change agent so he always wanted to have deep touch with youth to get fresh motivation and energy from them.

As a human being he was a good person for family, society, and for those people with whom he worked. God blessed him peace and rest now.

Yogesh Bhatt

21 April 2062


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