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Integrity- a subtle art

Since last many days one thought was crawling in my mind; in development sector everyone talks about big -big changes, challenges, and process for radical transformation; everyone preaches number of things but unfortunately action rarely follow words. Recently I was reading a book- “Above life’s turmoil” written by James Allen; I could relate it with my thought process. 

Integrity is most natural yet most difficult thing to follow in life. It is very natural and pure because simply we have to follow our inner heart and do it but practically is most difficult because external pressure and adverse situations constantly facilitate our deviation from truth and justice. In this book “above life’s turmoil”, writer reinforce us to think that how in spite of all our all good thought, we avoid truth by putting number of logic; for instance “ I have to respond the situation”, “this I did for my family”, or “ if we will not change, we cannot survive in society”.It raises one question to me that what if I will face challenges in life because I was right, what if I fall down for time being; “law of justice prevails; the man of integrity may seem to fail for a time, but he is invincible”. The core message I got from the chapter that nature itself maintains the balance and our job is very simple- “follow what is truth, justice, and for well being of all”.

Here I would like to refer the Gurcharan Das sir book- Difficulty of Being Good- a Subtle Art of Dharma” in which Draupadi asks Yudhishthira-

 “What is the point of being good when it only brings grief? What king of world is it where the         bad seem to be rewarded while the good, who uphold dharma, suffer suck hardship?”

That point of time Yudhishthira says firmly-

I do not act for the sake of the fruits of the dharma. I act because I must. Whether it bears fruits or not, buxom Draupadi, I do my duty like any householder… I obey dharma, full hipped woman, not for its rewards…but by its nature my mind is beholden to dharma”.  

Integrity is not meant for show casing, it is for self satisfaction and inner glory. Rama followed his dharma by accepting thirteen years in deep forest. This act makes him the king of kings and perfect among all human beings.

“The right-doer cannot ultimately fail; the wrong doer cannot ultimately success” is the key note because it is the best reflection of the chapter.

For me Integrity is- “what I say and what I do irrespective of external conditions and circumstances”. After reading this chapter my faith is more intense on integrity; still I would not say that I have that much courage to see my beloved suffering in adverse condition but in spite of that be firm on the right track (god never put very hard situation in front of me).

I am purely agree that integrity is the highest form of nature and it distinguish a person from mass. for me integrity starts with speaking truth;  I realized the benefit of speaking truth is that you need not to remember what you have spoken last time. It is the first step which I would like to practice for ensuring integrity.


Das Gurucharan; (2012). The difficulty of being good; on the subtle art of dharma. Penguin India


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