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Why poverty is still undefeated in INdia- Part II

Since last many days few thoughts were crawling in my mind but truly I was not getting any clear line of action that how I can pan-down all points in paper. Thanks to a book which I am reading now a days “if cricket is a religion, Sachin is the god”. I was able to link this book with bubbles of thought in my mind. Actually last year when I was coordinating SRI project that time the biggest challenge to convince the farmer was rainfall. Unfortunately we could not had good rainfall in our working area so could not convince many farmers to practice SRI. This year with grace of nature, we have sufficient rainfall but again I am facing bigger challenge to convince the few farmers. Strange but true… Few farmers have done SRI in last year even after number of challenges and also ding this year even labour is an issue, and so on but few farmers had excuses last year and they have excuses this year also. The only difference is every time they have new excuse. Here I would like to give examples form two villages- one village name is Sati and another is Shunda. Both villages are in our working area and Shunda have more availability of natural resources than Sati village. In Sati village we have started our interventions in last year itself and truly the results from that village was amazing which I also never expected (As SRI was new for me also). This year because of certain reasons we have not given our inputs in Sati village but surprisingly farmers learnt from past experiences have adopted SRI and whole village have adopted it in spite of labour problem, and other issues which mainly farmers make excuse to us. As comparison to Sati, Shunda village I have visited third time to train farmers about SRI. Here we have distributed pulse seed for promoting it as boarder crop and also trained farmers. In spite of all our endeavors, expect 2 farmer (those farmers where we have demonstrated our self) no one have adopted SRI practices. In the same village government has a LI scheme which has command area of 40 ha and water is also available throughout the year. LI is not functioning since first day itself as pipes were broken. Farmers are aware that they will get benefit if it will be fixed. In my first visit I guided them to write an application and share with government department even I told them word by word what they need to write. Verbally all accepted in past meeting that they will write but yesterday when I have visited their neither they have accepted SRI nor they have wrote any application to government department. We have visited field to field to convince all farmers but no one accepted our words. At the end of the day when I was coming back with my field staff, he asked me to give some suggestions to improve our work in Shunda like villages, than after thinking some time I shared the thoughts from Sachin life that what makes Sachin a living god and why other are just stars not god. Why Kambli could not continued as Sachin did when experts said that he was more talented than Sachin. It is individual passion, attitude, and approach for a solution. Government schemes (leave govt even we are putting equal efforts in all the villages) are same for all; farmers from all villages are getting equal share of benefits but even after that I observe that in few villages or few specific caste people have improved substantially compare to others (Sorry that here I am referring caste wise development aspect but practically it is true in our working area). So as development worker we need to accept and understand also that every time we cannot blame external agencies for their inefficiency but poor people are also lacking attitude to work for their better life. To write all this, really I need to train my mind for long time because always we learn that people are needy and needs assistance but actually before helping people financially or providing training we need to make their mind that everyone has right for a better life but who are getting something they are not god gifted, they also have struggled everyday for achieving something. We need to die every moment for a legendary life. Until and unless we will not make first a human, no government scheme, no NGO can make any dent and all interventions will be just like a drop in an ocean.   


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