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Youth role for Country development

A county of more than billion populations will never have dearth of opportunity and challenges. Both are enormous and in all dimensions- economical, social, political, cultural, educational, spiritual; we are swinging as a wooden piece do with tide (here the context is country not individualism; for that all have concern). Stability and perseverance in character for majority of youth is still a day dreaming. I may sound negative but believe me I am also not feeling good to share it. Negativity I do not feel when I listen news that corruption happened or we do not have good roads, poor railway services, water is not available, electricity is a problem, we have shortage of power and many other problems. I feel bad when we youth criticize whole heartily others and ensures xyz responsibility for something wrong but when time come for us to fix wrong we choose short cut. Let us not take big-big things but choose small choices. We say pollution is a major problem but how many times we really keep plastic rapper in our pocket after eating wafers and wait for getting a dust-bean. We say government will ensure right of food for every poor Indian, how any government either congress of BJP can do if agriculture graduates (who are educated to serve primary sector) do everything other than promoting agriculture for their bread and butter. We say government responsibility is to ensure water and electricity for all, how any government can do if we our wasting water and electricity only because we feel we pay the bills. If we have 50 % young population than it is not a miracle if few are coming forward and serving the nation as earlier many have quoted, it is very normal but unfortunately it is not in our country DNA rather it is individual choice to do. We are defining role of youth, but at the same time we should define responsibility for the youth. It is positive sign as many we see that few individual and groups examples of recent election and India against corruption movement. Really it gives hope that youth is not in hibernation and he has concern for country.

As I have privilege to work with village youth I observe many attributes of youth masses from rural community especially tribal context where I am working. Youth are totally direction less. All are highly influence by media and TV channels and that effect is very much visible in their daily life style. They are willing to go for migration work outside and doing labour work but not willing to take agriculture work or their traditional work. Earlier my thought was that in cities we have more broken houses but scenario is worse in villages. Daily fights on the name of caste, class, and religion are common practice as they can not live without it. Education status is pathetic in villages they do not get basic education forget about values and character building examples and education system. In villages when we go for meeting and discussion first question youth ask what subsidy they will get rather what skill they will learn. As Akansha (one of my junior) shared about her mess experience (she teaches mess kids but others do not help her and also kids are not interested for study), I also feel that even when we go with good intention, we do not get success many times. It is not wrong with them but it is wrong with the system itself what at macro level and we are knowingly, unknowingly building. Now it is our choice to build it with constructive energy or move with the notion that “mujhe kya frk padta hai; let it be, we choose government to fix every thing”.

Where solution lies??? It may not have one direct answer except one which our forefathers practiced; preaching values to next generation by deeds not mere words. My one senior Basu sir shared how mother guided him and this guided him till date. My Guru Shivendra sir many times quoted during discussions that he has reading habit because her mother had habit to read classical Hindi literature. Like this we all will surely connect our good habits from our parents or grand parents. Now our generation has huge responsibility to first be good so we can transfer those values to our coming generation. If we say do not litter than first we have to demonstrate it 10 times to our kids. This is what I feel can be the best solution for this challenge.


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