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Input supply activity by AKRPS (I) in Dangs district

Input supply activity by AKRPS (I) in Dangs district

In Dangs district Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India), is working since 2010 and at present we are working in around 90 villages. Paddy is the major Kharif crop here and in up-hills and sloppy land farmers grow millets and pulses also. Here already hybrid seeds and improved varieties are reached to every house hold. Seed rate of these varieties are very high as compare to local seeds. This year on an average one Kg seed rate was around 250 Rs. On an Average one farmer purchased 6-7 Kg seed so more than 1250 Rs farmers invested for seeds only.

Cluster wise detail of input supply work

Cluster wise detail of input supply work

In our working area, we have village level institution (Gam Vikas Mandal) at village level. In monthly meetings seed and other input demand has been collected by village leaders.

Once it has been completed, we negotiate with seed suppliers. We have initiated Input supply activity in Dangs to promote the collective procurement of seed and on an average per variety we were able to save around 30-40 Rs per Kg. Around 2500 farmers has got benefit out of it and we could save around 7 lakh Rs against market rate.

Here we have two major worry now 1) how to revive again local seed variety so input cost will be reduce. 2) Promote SRI so seed rate will reduce significantly.

Here sharing one table which will give an idea of bulk work what AKRPS (I) has supported to the farmers.

On second point we are already working and since 2012 we have covered around 4000 farmers under SRI. Growing demand of hybrid seeds is a deep concern.

Here I am sharing a pie chart with some more figures.-

Seed use pattern and farmers demand in Dangs

Seed use pattern and farmers demand in Dangs

  • More than 70 varieties were demanded by farmers; maximum hybrid

    Money value and total demand of major seed varieties demanded by farmers

    Money value and total demand of major seed varieties demanded by farmers

  • All major seed players are here with their products like Mahyco, US Seeds, Tata Group and so on.
  • Improved variety developed by Universities is not available to farmers; which are available, they are not much demanded. We brought 100 Kg seed direct from Gujarat-7 but it did not had same market presence as other hybrid variety.
  • One more limitation is improved variety by University comes in 25 Kg bag, farmers who wanted to purchase 1-2 Kg they do not prefer it.
  • No seed demand for Millet seed; improved variety of Millet are not available in market.When we did discuss with seed company people regarding their seed performance they all agreed that alone seed can not do miracle but it needs standard POP also like SRI in paddy and other crops. We have now ample examples that seed companies visited in SRI plot and takes plant for demonstration to other farmers or in agri shops. So I feel that when seed companies are selling seed rates at very high rate, it is their responsibility to share a page note inside the packet regarding standard set of Agronomic practices what they feel best suited for their respected variety. This small step can help farmers a lot to enhancing production.

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