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Day 5- Ques and Ans

Unless and until elections to local governing bodies are transformed into a sincere democratic exercise and not merely a scramble to attain power and influence, the vision of decentralized governance can’t be realized. Comment.

Gandhi Ji vision Panchayati raj got recognition in DPSP but constitutionally it was acknowledged after 73rd and 74th constitutional amendment. In last two decades of local governance experience, many things has been left behind which could be achieved because

  • Lack of literacy, awareness for rights among common masses, and factors like caste, class, become major factor for voting than eligibility and qualification.
  • Women reservation 50% have not been utilized properly as husband take major decisions, acknowledged by prime minster as “Surpanchpati”.
  • Use of muscle power and illegal means are very much practice in local level elections. Recent death of army major father in UP is sad story of that.
  • State politics also frequently adversely affects the local governance election as in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  • Many time State election commission do not get that much support from state government as it should get.

To improving this scenario a detailed guideline can be design with important steps like

  • For behavioral change at grass root election awareness campaigning, and right information need to be share through civil society, state government, and state election commission.
  • Women, a major force in local governance and as a leader need to know its right and value of vote.
  • Leadership empowerment training workshops can be conducted for before and after elections at block level.
  • To neutralize local administration and police, special measures need to be taken by election commission.

20 Lakh women leaders we have at grass root level, it indicated Local governance election exercise is a workshop for developing future leadership. It is important for all stakeholders to understand this fact and contribute for its strengthening.

What are your views on the way Dalit assertion is being pursued now days? Examine in light of the attempts being made by political parties to appeal to the Dalit identity

Dalit word probably first time Used by Jyotiba Phule to represent the untouchable and oppresses class of society. Beyond doubt, a section of society has been suffered in India for centuries because of all wrong reasons. Dalit assertion has been started in pre independence phase itself when Gandhi Ji, Ambedkar Ji make this issue equal to independence. Our constitution also made all attempt to ensure equal right for all section of society. Unfortunately it has not been done till date as it was expected. In recent time Dalit section is growing as vote bank so all political parties are doing best effort to appeal and cash Dalit identity.

Dalit Assertion is happening as part of social movement as

1- Lot of policy makers and academicians are form this section and contributing for the cause like Narendra Jadhav

2- Dalit section of society are not more aware for their right because of free flow of information and civil society movements.

3- Education benefits and economical upliftmant is one reason which is attracting Dalit assertion. Data shared in MSME website has accepted that large Dalit class has been contributed for Self employment and make India indirectly.

Political parties also accepting Dalit cause but because of different reasons

1- Dalit is emerging a major vote bank in India

2- Show case them self as only care taker of Dalit society

3- Media compulsion for political parties

Since independence countless initiatives for Dalit section has been taken at union and state level; and it is working also. But social and political upliftment is not possible as long as there is no change in mindset and for that Political leaders can be work as model for larger society.


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