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Day 6- Ques Ans

Discuss the significance of coal as an energy resource. What reforms are needed to cure the ailing coal sector.

Coal energy was the driving force for industrial revolution. In Indian context also, in initial phase of industrialization industry settled where they found coal as cheaper source as Jamdeshpur. In spite of global push for alternative source of energy coal will remain a major energy source for India because

  • Still more than 50% energy comes from thermal plants and India has third largest coal production.
  • For growing GDP rate of 7-8%, energy production needs to increase by 6-7% annually; so coal will remain major source of energy for at least coming 3-4 decades.
  • Cost of production for thermal energy is still much lower than other renewable sources.
  • India is externally dependent for petroleum, Gas, and technology for renewable energy. For Internal supply coal is the only source with hydrological energy.
  • Apart from energy, coal is driving force for many MSME industries, steel, cement, fertilizers, chemical, paper Industry, and railway transportation.

To fix problems in coal sectors following steps need to be taken

  • Surplus production and storage for coal both are problem for India.
  • Need to link coal production blocks with railways and waterways for cheaper transpiration.
  • Special care need to be done for people around coal sites to reduce grievances among them.
  • Delay in mining and acquisition process of blocks needs to be fast track; it will help reduce corruption also.
  • Every year capacity building is important to imbibe by coal industry to supply coal for future need in smoother manner.

Recent government policy and coal mines bill are welcoming step which ensure transparency, private active participation, state large share in revenue, local welfare, and shift from carbon subsidy to carbon tax policy.


The Indian cuisine needs to be promoted and made an integral part of the branding of Indian tourism. Do you agree? Discuss.

Food tourism is integral part of Tourism policy across globe. In Indian context where diversity of culture offers variety of food choice for outsiders, it has huge potential to get integrate with tourism campaigning. It is logical and feasible because of following reasons

  • Research show tourist spends 35-40% in food expenditure, major share of total.
  • Food satisfaction is integral part of overall tourism satisfaction
  • Food is an important mean for promotion and positioning of any tourism destiny; for tourism promotion also food is a major tool.

To promote Indian cuisine conscious efforts need to be design which can have certain dimensions

  • Make Indian cuisine part of tourism package offered by travel agencies.
  • Tourism department need to do promotion for Indian local cuisine for local destinies, it will educate tourist for local food habits.
  • Indian dishes and Indian chefs are world renowned; their promotion can be done through social media, and electric media specially focused to tourism industry.
  • Cultural food like tribal foods has huge nutritional and aesthetic value that can be integrate with emerging eco tourism concept.
  • Indian railway and Indian airlines is poster boy for promoting Indian cuisine; they need to take more conscious efforts for that.
  • Cleanliness, quality, and purity must be par standard which is major concern for Indian cuisine industry.

Food may not be the factor to drive tourism for any destiny but surely it can be highly rated product as niche product. It is not only defining local identity to tourists but also become major source of livelihood for local people.


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