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Day 10- Ques Ans

The signing of the much anticipated bilateral pact with Iran for the development of Chabahar port is a significant step towards securing India’s strategic and economic interests. Comment.

India and Iran both has a great need to Chabahar port development. From Indian perspective it is important because

  • Strategic importance
  1. It is a strategic answer to China Pakistan port development in Gwadar. Through this India has secured its presence in gulf of Oman and near to Pakistan.
  2. It will help to enter in the central Asian countries, Russia, and Europe through north south transport corridor where India need to explore more for its future energy and security needs.
  3. It will help India and Iran both to Influence more Afghanistan policy for regional stability after NATO 2014 withdraw. Here already India has done sizable investment after NATO invasion.
  • Economic importance
  1. India and Iran has recent tie for Gas supply and fertilizer production. Oman and Iran gas supply will be much easier and cheaper through this.
  2. Indian ambition of having strategic petroleum stock will get a boost as more and cheaper access to energy.
  3. Indian ports which are more developed in West cost will have more supply of goods and services to central Asian nations so will boost the Sagarmala project and post development movement.
  4. Trade with Central Asia, Gulf nations will have more access after this step.
  5. Sizable investment India has done in Afghanistan which India will be able to cash after direct connectivity through Chabahar post.

Form Iran perspective also Chabahar has huge relevance and after lifting the global sanction Iran would like to get more economic access to India which has future energy market.  Chabahar location will help both nations to cash strategic and economic edge in the region.

The growing voter turnout ratio in the recently concluded elections is a sign of maturing democracy. Critically comment.

In India where voters divided and united on multiple reasons increasing voter turnout is obviously a positive sign. The increment in voter turnout because of many different reasons

  • Political parties do commendable job to bring people out from their home and ensure at micro level that people will support them respectively by any means.
  • Election commission has adopted many innovative ways for voters registration, awareness, and making voting more accessible and easier. This is the big boost for high turnout.
  • Use of NOTA in recent time gives an alternate to those also who were reluctant to choose any political party so no they are also coming to vote for none.
  • Demographic dividend of India is in peak so every time new voters are increasing in the voting list. Youths are much more interested in voting as first timers.

But alone increasing voting share cannot be a symbol of mature democracy because

  • Voting turn out is positive in rural and slum areas considerably because use of different means including cash, muscle power, or liquor which cannot be a sign of mature democracy.
  • Voting turnout in Kashmir was also very high but many Kashmir scholars claimed it as a result of anger and anguish against state government who could not handle flood situation. It has little to do with democratic values.
  • Caste, class, religion provocation during election time is old and proven strategy to increase the voting share which is against democratic ethos.

Significant increase in voting share at Union and State level election is a positive symbol but it alone cannot be taken as sign of mature democracy and miles need to move ahead in this direction.



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