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Day 12- Ques Ans

What are the essential geographic conditions for a waterway? Do Indian rivers fulfill these conditions? Examine.

Recently Indian passed Waterway bill in Parliament and now India have total l11 waterways. Waterways has huge potential in India but to cash it, certain geographic criteria need to fulfill

Perennial water flow is the bottom-line for success of waterways. Indian rivers mostly in central and south India are seasonal in nature. Even water level is very low in Himalayan Rivers in post monsoon season.

Topography is another factor which makes efficient waterways. Plain land increases the efficiency of transpiration and travel. Waterways in North plain is much easier than in Northeast India where Brahmaputra has more water but cannot be use because of hilly terrain. Waterfall and cataracts also create challenges.

Natural or artificial connectivity among different water channels is essential for long root waterways. Interlinking project can be a potential road-map for making Indian waterway successful in this regard. Recent Krishna-Godawari project can be tested before further action plan.

Flood problem in monsoon season can be a hug challenge for waterways because it disturbs natural water flow path and bring lot more siltation which can chock the narrow passes in waterways.

India has huge network of rivers and different water way has different geographic challenge. Challenges like perennial flow, flood problem can be reduce by interlink or canal connectivity. Topographical challenges will be difficult and very costly to mitigate. But in spite of that India has more than 14000 Km water is navigable and India currently using only 2000 km. so huge potential lies for effective use.

 The mushrooming of private engineering and medical colleges needs a stringent regulatory ecosystem. Comment.

India need a boost for education revolution but the way private engineering and medical college are working in nook and corners of every road side, is a major concern

  • Quality of education and basic facility for learning is the foremost challenge as minimum criteria set for engineering college by AICTE and for medical by MCI have not been fulfilled by most of these colleges that is officially acknowledged.
  • Screening of talent in these colleges is more on the basis of money rather than talent. It adversely affects the efficiency of system in long run.
  • Corruption is rampant here as one study show that by selling of seats in medical colleges alone, institutes earn more than 9000 Rs crore annually..
  • It disturbs basic demand and supply equation in market and results huge unemployment as India is witnessing in recent phase for engineers.

To overcome all these challenges a stringent regulatory system need to be at place with detailed guideline. MCI for medical colleges and AICTE for engineering already have a detailed guideline but it has many loopholes which miss-utilized by private institutions.

  • A common test for Medical NEET is a good start of regulation of private medical colleges.
  • Regular government ranking as recently conducted by NIFR is needed for parents and children awareness of institution performance.
  • Awareness among parents and students for other careers options.
  • Closer down poor performing colleges.
  • Reform in working function of MCI and AICTE as regulatory body are other important steps.

Supreme Court panel to regulate MCI by Lodha committee is a revolutionary step in this regard which a lesson for regulatory mechanism itself.


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