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Day 18-Ques Ans

The e-commerce revolution in India is setting a dangerous precedent which defies traditional market logic. Discuss.

E commerce in India it is decade old evolving service industry. Beyond doubt e-commerce revolution changed the way customer do shopping across the globe and today everything is accessible online. E-commerce has huge potential in India where internet is getting accessible rapidly to users but same time it has bring many challenges customers and retail marketing sector.

  1. Retail marketing is one of the biggest job contributor and entrepreneurial sector in India which has now donnish rate of growth after e-commerce evolution.
  2. Shopping industry is gradually getting controlled by few business giants like Amazon, Flipcart or more 1000 startups in India. It is directly hurting interest of millions of small and marginal retail shopkeepers.
  3. E- Commerce model reduces the middle men and so able to give huge discounts which is not possible to retail shopkeepers and so they are noncompetitive in market.
  4. Now medicines are available online which has many potential health threats. In India where people prefer to take medicines without doctor consolation it needs greater regulation.
  5. Traditional market logic is based on demand and supply cycle but e-commerce based on huge inventory model. So many taxation issues are involve here as inventories are established in those states where service tax is low like Karnataka.
  6. Consumerism and unplanned expenditure is increasing because of huge discount offers in online platforms.
  7. Poor delivery system, cyber security and customer data mismanagement, product quality assurance, customers concerns regarding product, are other customer related emerging issues with e commerce marketing system.
  8. Taxation policy and regulation is difficult for government to design because its online nature.
    E commerce in future and retail market need to update self for competition. Same time government need clear policy to regulate the industry.

Humor should be taken in the right stride. However, there is a thin line between humor and utter obscenity and disrespect. In light of the statements provided above, what is your opinion on the ongoing debate of right versus retrain as far as humor is concerned? Provide a reasoned analysis.

Indian constitution respects individual right of speech under article 19. It is the beauty of democracy that it allows individual constructive criticism, humor, even defamation. But as Fundamental rights are not absolute in constitution so it cannot cross the limit and disrespect individual in the name of freedom of speech. In Indian context frequently in the name of caste, class, religion, humor, politics and many other issues comments has been passed and sometime it is utter misuse of freedom of speech. Recent controversy on a video posted in the name of humor, a famous show which has frequent comments on women, and many other such instances are example of it.

Right to speech is important as it offers voice against arbitrary action of state. It is bottom-line for creativity, empowerment, and sharing ideas. In different forms like writing, cartoon, honor, speech, it provides stage for communication. For debate, arguments, and contradiction which are necessary for new ideas.

But it get restricted when it is speech become derogatory remarks against individual, hurts sentiments for masses in the name of caste, class, or religious issue. Statement against someone like Gandhi Ji cannot be accepted in the name of freedom as it happened in past.

There is a very thin line exist which differentiate creative comment and derogatory comment. Only highest judiciary or parliament should have right to draw the line between both and political party or mob cannot be allowed to decide the right or wrong on such issues. Police action also is not solution for such events. Only self regulation and sensitivity can bring long term solution.


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