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Day 20- Ques Ans

 The delinking of agricultural production and farm income from the vagaries of monsoon needs initiatives on technology and policy fronts. Comment. Have any initiatives been taken in this direction. Discuss their merits and limitations.

The paradox of Indian agriculture is that in spite of net of rivers, abundance of ground water, and lot of inputs Indian agriculture is called “Gamble of monsoon”. 50% of Indian agriculture and 55% livestock which contributes for 45% of production is sole dependent on rain fall..For success of Indian agriculture we need to desegregate dependence of it from monsoon by following ways.

  1. Irrigation projects hanged since long back, completion of those projects is important under PMKSY.
  2. “Per drop more crop” need to realize by pushing for providing support to farmers for drip irrigation
  3. For arid and semi arid region watershed approach for agriculture and NRM conservation need to put in priority.
  4. Diversification of agriculture like silviculture, apiculture, and so on need to integrate
  5. Need to redesigned strategy for crop planning in arid and semi arid regions and push for pulses, millets than water intensive crops like sugar cane and cotton.
  6. Link skill India programme for agriculture also use MGNREGA type programme for skill upgrading of youth on agriculture.

Already government in past has taken many initiatives like push for irrigation schemes, subsidy of micro irrigation schemes, support for protective agriculture, soil health card support for smart use of inputs, separate electric feeder for uninterrupted supply of electrify for irrigation, conservative agriculture, promotion of good practices like SCI. All such initiatives have inherited limitations also like more electricity support push for wastage of irrigation water or environmental cost of irrigation projects. To overcome from these challenges planning and contextualizing the problem and solution will help. KVKs and ATMA institutes at grassroots level can help a lot on this regard

China US relations are too important for India to allow them to be hijacked by the South China Sea issue. Critically comment. 

In recent past USA and China has many issues especially in South China Sea region for its strategic use and independence. The major issue here lies with perception, China claims South China Sea as its territorial right to develop it peacefully. Other countries in the region with USA do not accept this claim and wanted to have free movement without any Chinese presence.  India has huge stake on both nations and willing to get peaceful solution of this problem because

  • It will ensure better relation with both nations where India needs not to choose one over other.
  • India for own growth and development need active presence in South China Sea. Act Eat policy largely depend on it.
  • To cash the Chinese and common initiatives in the region like financial institute AIIB and NDB, global network like OROB, activation of RCEP, peace must prevail in the region and India aspire for that.
  • USA initiative of Asia Pivot and TPP can influence both way to the region and India; to have its positive impact on region the conflict over sea need to get pacify among all regional nations.

Since last decade India is closer to USA and many trade and strategic initiatives India has taken. In regional level also USA, Japan, and Australia, and India is working together to play active role in South China Sea region to pacify China here. India also engages with local nations like Philippines and Vietnam to acknowledge their right on the sea. India can play south China Card to suppress China in Pok region while standing with other nations specially USA. But balance must be maintained for regional and global peace.

What do you understand by ‘inner line permit’? Why this has become a contentious issue in the North Eastern part of our country. Examine the issue.

Inner line permit system was started by British government in 1873 especially for North East states to ensure no outsiders encroachment in the locality. The major reason behind such provision was preservation of tribal culture and tradition.  In post independent period also it has been continued and at present three states Arunanchal Pradesh, Mizorum, and Nagaland has that provision. Under ILP provision an outsider need official permission to visit in state; 15 days as tourist and more for working person. In recent past ILP provision is under debate because more North states are demanding it like Manipur and Assam. It may cause many challenges in future because

  • Many other states will demand such status in future to check outsiders visit; it will lead balkanization situation in country.
  • It is against the fundamental right of Indian citizen where every individual has right to walk freely across the country.
  • It will increase hatred for North East persons across the country which can cause much harm for nation.
  • North East is the anchor for act East policy of India which may get hurt by any such provision.
  • North East region is in focus for infrastructure development, organic farming, tourism promotion, and as hub of food processing. Such initiatives need more exchange of ideas and people.
  • Political instability in the region

There are many other ways to promote local culture, safe local job opportunity, and tradition; other initiative like quality education for local, skill development, promotion of local identity will be much better alternative than asking for ILP provision.


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