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Day 25- Ques Ans

What importance does the West Asian region hold for India’s economic and strategic interests? Discuss. Also elaborate upon the role of past economic and cultural ties in shaping India’s relations with West Asia today.

West Asian region comprises total 14 nations including Southi Arab, Iran, Qatar, and Oman and so on. Since Harrapa Civilization India and West Asian nations have deep cultural and economic tie ups. It has deep strategic economic importance as

  • Maximum Indian Diaspora is working in the region and contributes maximum remittances to India
  • Indian majority of energy demand in terms of petroleum and natural gas get supply from here
  • It is the interlinking land route for Europe and other middle Asian nations as recent Chahbahar port deal with Iran will make region more accessible for India.
  • Huge investment in India comes from these nations and also it is the major export partner for India.

From strategic perspective

  • Connectivity– Strategic Chabahar port will be setup in Iran
  • To counter Islamic terrorism also this region has centric role
  • Southi Arab a major power of this region can support India to counter Pakistan influence in Kashmir
  • To stabilizes Afghanistan for Indian good these nations have to play major role as neighbor.
  • To balancing the China in region India need support from these countries.

Past Indian relations with West Asia can be a great help for strengthen the present relations as

  • Islamic roots and Sufism has peace message to link the region
  • Historic tourism places, architectures can be interlink for person to person connectivity
  • Old spice routes can be developing to link Indian south states and ports to South Asia
  • Indian movies, books, universities, scholars, can be used as soft power to collaborate relation with institutions in West Asian region

India’s entry into the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) will open the gateways for India’s membership in other nuclear regimes as well. Critically examine.

MTCR was formed in 1987 to restrict the technology transfer regarding missiles. India is following the norms of this treaty since 2008 unilaterally and tried in past also to become member of this group. Now as India informally part of it so following benefits can be avail

  • It will facilitate to Indian claim to become member of Australian group, Wassenear group, and NSG regime.
  • Many countries are member of all similar nuclear groups so good will of MTCR will help for other groups also
  • India is already following many practices demanded for other nuclear groups so it would be easier to claim for membership.

However it may not be enough for as

  • For NSG membership cornerstone is NPT and CTBT which India has not been signed till that.
  • China the biggest challenge for India in NSG was not part of MTCR so it was easy to join this group than NSG
  • Each group has specific roles and demands so comparing one group memberships with other may not be diplomatically correct.
  • Pakistan voice against India for joining other group will be stronger afterwards which has active support China which can create challenges.

So it would not be correct to take MTCR entry of India as passing gate for other elite groups also. However it is just matter of time that India will be member of NSG in future.

Climate and resource endowment has a great bearing on the cultural heritage of a region. Substantiate by giving examples.

Cultural heritage in region developed with time and very much affected with climate and natural resources; starting from food habits, dressing, festivals, migration pattern, health related issues, cropping pattern and so on all have correlation with local surrounding. It can be understand by following examples

  • In coastal region of India people live in mostly thatched because of local hot climate where as in Himalayan region people have cemented houses because of cold climate.
  • Migration pattern among tribal community in Himalayan like Bhotiya dependent on cold season and fodder availability for livestock.
  • North East region people have more closeness to nature; here mostly houses made by bamboo because it available plenty in the region. Food habit and trade practices are also much influence by it.
  • People in Desert areas are great travelers because in search of food, water, and shelter.
  • Bihu festival in Assam, Pongal in South India, Baisakhi in Punjab, and many other festivals across India are direct link with crop harvesting season.
  • Great civilization settlements in past and invaders attack on India was influenced by this fact.

However in recent 200 years after fast Industrial revolution and technological development human is not that much dependent on the climatic condition and natural resources. It is the prime reason that many cultural practices which were part of Life of old civilization now getting dissolve across the globe and new practices are getting developed.


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