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Day 27- Ques Ans

Indians suffer from racial discrimination in various parts of the world. It is thus ironical to witness foreign nationals and even Indians being subjected to racial violence in India. What does this indicate about the Indian society? Are we racists? Critically analyse.

Indian civilization has deep roots of tolerance acceptance and sensitivity toward others. This is the core principle of 5000 Year old civilization. In recent past many African nationals also face similar incidents in India which put question on Indian value system. These new has few interpretations

  • Colonial mindset based on racism still have impact on few Indian minds
  • Not only foreigners but people from North East also faced challenges in different part of countries so it more about mindset than foreigner specific problems
  • Indian society still evolving the understanding of globalization and its impact

But few incidents do not prove that India as nation is racist because

  • Majority of incidents with foreign nationalist have different reasons and not necessarily alone racism.
  • A certain section of radical racism element do not represent the ethos of India
  • Every year more and more foreigners are visiting India which shows news regarding racism is not hold firm ground
  • Sometime media is also responsible to promote negativity by putting news based on few incidents.
  • Violence and racial violence has big difference and it cannot be judged on the basis of media trial and public opinion.
  • Cultural and religious differences, sometime illegal act of foreigners like drug promotion, also cause problem which get convert of racism.

However avoiding this will set road for future challenges as is against Indian core philosophy of “Vasu Dev Kutumbhakam”. Also it will have reciprocal impact on security of Indian outside as in Africa. It will impact tourism, aviation, education, medical, and other industries where millions of livelihoods are attached. Making people aware on the racism and message of humanity beyond any specific cooler is the only way to encounter this challenge.

The security ecosystem for the coastal waters requires for multi pronged approach that clubs preparedness to secure the coastline not only from tactical aggression by enemies but also from natural disasters and marine pollution. Discuss.

7500 Km long water coastal eco system boundary is the key for Indian maritime security and ecological balance as it hold dual significant importance for India in following perspectives

Ecological importance for

  • Fishes and other endanger species like turtles, sea cow and so on need protection for coming generation also while fulfilling need at present
  • Emerging climate change- threat can be mitigate by preparing for ecological balance
  • Growth of human population- in nearby coastal areas in increasing every day. For their survival and healthy life.
  • Sea food -is the future food for human; have it healthy and usable ecological balance is base line
  • Against natural calamity -like tsunami and cyclone also growth of mangrove is depends on it.

Security perspective

  • Strategic importance of islands- Andman and Laksdeep in Indian ocean and Arabain sea
  • Ports are all established so economic importance for import and export
  • To maintain better relations with neighbors in the region
  • To avoid any attack like 26/11 again in Indian soil

To full all above requirements prolong and integrated approach is important where key stakeholders are community, government at union and state level, Indian armed forces, private partners, and civil society groups.

Indian armed forces and private partners help need to balance ecology with security needs and economic needs especially in vulnerable but strategic islands and ports. Also their expertise is needed for helping community to use resources judicially.

Community is the biggest stakeholders to utilizes resources judicially start from fishery to mangrove to sand dunes and so on

Government is the key force to bind all stakeholders together to explore blue economy for better Indian maritime future.

The so called education hubs that prepare students for entrance examinations are turning into suicide hotspots of the country? What reasons would you attribute for this trend? Are students too stressed today? What is the solution to this problem? Discuss the need of change in societal perception of success and failure in this regard.

Every year after 10th 12th, medical or engineering results many students committed suicide in Kota, Delhi, Dehradoon and other coaching hubs. The numbers are disturbing and increasing year by year because

  • Parental expectation is huge from kids and so any failure is enough to shatter the young minds
  • Peer pressure– on such institutes is another reason
  • Limited knowledge– for differ career options beyond medical and engineering put stress on students if they get fail for such attempts.
  • No psychological counseling available to students at the time of distress.
  • Cut throat competition environment created by coaching institutes put lot of pressure on students
  • Huge money spent for coaching put psychological burden on kids to perform or perish.

To overcome this situation many initiatives are need to put at place

  • Parental support is the base for children so they need to provide safety cushion against academic failure
  • Call by PM on Man Ki Baat surely a big morale booster for students across the country
  • Academic counseling at school level should be mandatory to make students aware for different career options beyond medical and engineering.
  • Teachers need to teach students that failure is also part of life and learn to accept it.
  • Regulation of coaching institutes is needed to make sure low fee burden and maintain healthy environment for students.

To change the scenario all need to help the student. Parent, society, schools, teachers, coaching institutes all need to take responsibility for children in case of academic failure. Recent Skill development programme and push for entrepreneurship is also a positive start to help if someone interested for that.


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