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Day 28- Ques Ans

In the newly found awareness towards pollution and it’s mitigation, noise pollution remains relatively ignored. Do you agree? What steps should be taken to address noise pollution? Discuss.

Recent world heritage function by Art of Living was much in news for water and soil pollution in ecological zone but no one figure out the noise pollution problems to nearby residents. Yes it is true that noise pollution get ignored as compare to other forms of pollution because

Invisible impact- water and air pollution has direct and immediate effect on health while noise pollution does not effete in short runs so we ignore it.   

Life style- source of noise pollution is mostly static and frequently present like vehicle crowd, TV, mobile, musical devices, industrial sound, party and marriages musical event, and so on so we become habitual for that.

 Media Hype– Much influence has been given to water and air pollution but not to noise pollution.

To address noise pollution following steps can be taken

  • People awareness– is the most important about harmful effect of noise pollution so without it participation at mass level will not arises
  • Media attention – is important for this form of pollution also equally as for water, air, nuclear, and other pollution.
  • Sensitive areas– like hospitals, schools, kid playgrounds, common parks, and so on should run campaign against noise pollution as these are the places where noise pollution is most annoying.
  • Government laws- also need to be at place as it is in many western countries where strong rules against noise pollution sources. Noise pollution act and environment act enforcement effectively will make difference.
  • Yoga and meditation– promotion is importance to understand the meaning of peace so people will self avoids the high volume places and creating noise pollution.
  • School education –need to focus on it with other type of pollution so kids will have details awareness about its long run negative effect on health.

What is your opinion on the ongoing controversy of naming streets after politicians? Critically examine the issue and also suggest alternatives.

Symbolism has greater importance in Indian society and recent controversy on naming streets is extension of this problem.  This debate has risen based on many counts like caste and religious angle, vote bank politics, patriotism feeling, affection to local leader or freedom fighter, and so on.

Naming the roads is needed to spread positive message as

  • Respect it shows for leaders like A P J Abdul Kalam who recently died and road name in Delhi changed after his name.
  • It is the method to remember old local leaders like Birsa Munda in Jharakhand.
  • Sometime it helps to unite the local locality around one identity as Shivaji name used in Maharashtra.
  • Coming generations get idea of people; like Amrita Shergil Marg in Delhi so at least people try to figure out her name and work.

But unfortunately it is also become a method to provoke the clashes of ideology as

  • Recent debate to convert Akbar road by other name will create communal conflict among people of two religions.
  • Ruling political parties use this method to glorify the leaders of their parties or founding fathers of similar ideology.
  • Government function is to serve people and ensure minimum civic facilities. Such debates and ideas divert the focus to nonsense issues.
  • Sometime the person who have chosen for naming the road itself create lot of challenges; like Gurugram name for Gurgaon was in debate as he seen against ST community in epic Mahabharata.

In Country like India naming roads is good idea but it should have consensus and wider acceptance among local people and it should not be a topic of debate for political gains.

Censorship is repugnant to the very pillars of democracy that are made of freedom of speech and expression. Critically comment.

Role of censorship and its importance is needed to discuss in democracy like India where individual have freedom of expression under article 19(1). Censorship can be of many types like religious, moral, political, artistic, and military and so on. Censorship in any form used as two sided sword. The positives are

  • Censorship needed to stop spreading the hatred message which can create disharmony in society
  • It can hurt someone’s sentiment so while protection of one’s right of expression, others right to life get hurt without censorship.
  • In Indian context it is more important where illiteracy and poverty is very much prevailing so civic sense of decision on critical issues is still evolving. We cannot compare with western nations in terms of freedom of expression.
  • Law and order is vulnerable in India as witnessed in many cases in past. Censorship is better way to avoid any such problem

However censorship comes with many challenges

  • Over use of censorship is direct violation of creativity, and foredoom and expression as SC reminded many time to governments.
  • Let people decide the right and wrong rather it should be decided by bunch of people as happens in CBFC board for movie certification.
  • Censorship is the biggest killer for innovation and cause problems like talent drain. Famous painter M. F. Husain could not stay in India because of such censorship.
  • It prevents people to share ideas and debate on controversial issue and reminder of colonial rule.

Censorship or limited restriction use needs very much consciousness in Indian context where democracy is evolving and new ideas are emerging. Let live the value of it and rather imposing it, use it creatively for peaceful society.


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