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Day 34- Ques Ans

 The vision of doubling agricultural income in the next five years can’t be achieved only through farm activities. It requires an integrated approach that clubs livestock rearing, other non farm activities and the cooperative model into the income package of farmers. Analyse.

Agriculture, backbone of Indian economy is unfortunately more in news for wrong reasons. Today Indian farmers are in distress and goal of increasing farm income double till 2022, as goal proposed by prime minister is not possible only by pure agri activities but it need to integrate with many other things.
Per drop more crop – it is very important to reduce the input cost of agriculture and same time increasing the cropping area, product diversity, and intensity.
Quality inputs with judicial use– use of soil health card, seed replacement, and shift of subsidy focus from nitrogen fertilizer to other nutrients, contextual mechanization, are few input areas which need serious thought.
Focus on lean farm season– Here many activities like apiculture, sericulture, mushroom cultivation, animal rearing, agro forestry, food processing need to focus through farmers groups or SHGs. Bold decisions like easing the land lease policy and use of barren land for solar plants can also think of.
Cooperative or producer company model- it is to bring farmers together on same platform for negotiating from input purchasing to market sales to consumers and will substitute the middlemen.
Use of technology– for post harvest technology, weather forecasting, insurance policy implementation, product marketing, promote land use management is important steps for increase farm income.
Our prime minister has offered an action plan to double the farm income and it is also heavily focus on nonfarm activities. We need to renovate the whole farming system seed purchasing to reaching the product till consumer for this. Other government initiative need to take in integrate manner with this goal like watershed approach, rural electrification, e marketing, promote agri entrepreneurship, and so on.

The central bank and other financial regulators are essentially apolitical entities and they must remain so. Comment.

The core idea behind setting regulating bodies is keep decisions free from any external pressure, professionalism in functioning, and take best course of action for the sector. RBI formation after great depression to regulate Indian banks and financial sector is shining example of it.  Today India has four financial regulators; SEBI, IRDI, RBI, and PFRDA. To keep them epitome of professionalism is very much important for

  • Professionalism– All these institutes need high standard professionalism to ensure the citizens trust on them and same time ensure transparency, openness in market function, and intake global investor trust upon India. For that selection must be based on merit and political interference will only bring chaos and failure for the institution.
  • Continuity– In democratic setup political ideology changes continuously, to maintain stability and continuity in policy these institutions need to be apolitical and professional and responsive to nation.
  • Check corrupt practices– at international level these institutions are seen as Indian face to represent fight against corrupt practices like black money. To ensure so impeachable integrity is needs which is not possible if political interference continues.
  • Trust– PFRDA which manages money of billion citizens or SEBI which has responsibility to make sure people and investors trust on Indian share market play key role to intake trust at national and international level. Political interference creates unnecessary hue and chaos like in recent RBI governor case.

Any government likes to lead system as per their political ideology but it should not be use as base line for running such crucial institutions otherwise these institutions will be more on public and media scrutiny for wrong reason rather for their core function.

Dissent, debate and disagreement must thrive in the campuses of higher educational institutions. However, the kind of politics that is taking place in the campuses today is undesirable. Critically comment.

Swami Vivekananda always preached childish quarry and rational questioning is absolute necessary in good education system. Unfortunately today Indian institutes and colleges like JNU, IIFT, and Hyderabad Uni in news for wrong reasons than educational excellence. College campus needs to be a place for debate as

Nurture young minds– as India itself a mini continent and people come from different class, class, cultural background. So college is the place to have all interaction, discussion, and debate. It is absolute necessary to broaden the understanding on various issues and understand others perspective.

Develop own thoughts– Here youth get different ideas and get an opportunity to develop own ideology and thought process. It is the reason that in pre independence any nationwide movement had high degree of participation form college youths and leadership emerged here.

Overall personality development– colleges are the place where individual wants to have over all personally development which is not possible by class notes alone. Independence of debate, discuss, and disagreement out of the classroom is absolute necessary of that.

However in recent period all such purposes get diluted as

Political rivalry- among regional and national parties has deep rooted in college campus which pollutes students mind for one specific ideology against freedom of thought.

Misuse of resources– college youths are precious nation resource which are getting misuse for nonsense purpose like fighting for regional issue like in Kashmir NIT, or fight on caste and class as cases against North East students.

Student freedom and right of debate is part of their fundamental right and it is need of time also but students also need self regulation to control them so they must not get use for unwanted purpose. To avoid that state need to take steps; that is undesirable for students, institute, and government also.


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