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Day 42- Ques Ans

Although technology helps in improving governance, there is no alternative to enhancing interdepartmental coordination and reducing the number of agencies in India. Do you agree? Substantiate.

Today in every sphere of governance, technology is helping for public service delivery. Use of ADHAR for social service delivery, App based real time monitoring for rural electrification, PRAGATI, use of tech for real time review of high profile projects, and so on are few examples of tech use. In spite of it, tech has limited use and cannot substitute interdepartmental coordination which can understand by few dimensions-

  • Public delivery system-In many cases like ADHAR where tech was available, decision could not take for long time because of poor clarity on individual right of privacy which is core of governance. Such dilemma restricts tech efficiency.
  • Taxation- different channels has been applied to increase tax base but success has not been achieved as there is complexity in process, laws, and methods which is far beyond of tech use.
  • Transport- India has own navigation system GAGAN to guide aviation which is rare in world. In spite of that, security status of aviation sector is poor in India because beyond technology there are other issues of governance which are not up to global standards.  
  • Project implementation- governance issues like land acquisition, fund management from different departments, inters ministerial clearance are bigger challenges than managing technology any project like smart city or bullet train project.
  • Livelihood- E marketing in agriculture through tech use is novel idea but cannot get success without change in governance procedure and rule modification in APMC.

Technology beyond doubt helps in various dimensions to increase efficiency and transparency but it need to supplement with ministerial coordination and low bureaucracy than only desirable result will be visible.

Terrorism crosses boundaries without passport. The recent attacks in Brussels only perpetuate this notion. What according to you should be done at international level to address the issue? Analyse.

Terrorism does not know boundaries and its single minded cause to harm humanity is equal worry for all governments across the globe. To check the terrorism in any form few concrete steps need to take

  • Acceptance terrorism as global challenge– yet UN does not have a concrete definition accepted by all nations. It needs to be at place immediately to clear the message a fight against terror groups and terrorism.
  • Stop financial channels- it is the back bone to crash the terror network. Illegal source of money get transferred to terrorist activities. ISIS alone has 2 billon $ annual budget. Such funding need to check with international coordination.
  • Stop arms supply- many evidences prove that terrorist get arms support from countries like Pakistan and use terror groups for self gains. Strong arm supply rule need to set at place to stop any arm supply to any illegal source.
  • Strong action against trafficking and drugs– which is the major income source for terror groups. This arranges much need fund for terror outfits.
  • Information sharing network– need to set at place at international level, coordinating and support is the key against terrorism.
  • Development– Afghanistan, Pakistan, Middle East, African nations, which are most poor nations are hub of terror activities. Development need to keep here as agenda of governance to push terrorism.
  • People awareness– on terrorism, its different aspects, and detail information on its impact though social media and other channels will strengthen the movement.

Today terrorism need to counter beyond any justification, and any misconception like religious specific terrorism, good of bad terrorism need to suppress because it will harm the core focus of eradicating terrorism.


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