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Day 45-Ques Ans

The fusion of Indian classical dance forms with popular Western culture is an innovative approach and must be explored further to enhance their teach and popularity. Do you agree? Critically examine.

Indian dance has much of diversity and depth which evolved over a period of time by fusion of different music styles coming from across the world. Western music uses different instruments and innovated new styles in recent time. Fusion of both will serve many purposes

  • Good for innovation– Indian performers are internationally acclaimed for their live stage performances; such fusion will offer innovative dance form with music to viewers.
  • Globalize Indian art– for thousand year Indian dance could not cross sub continent. Such fusion will help Indian dancers to get international viewers.
  • Healthy competition- certainly it will help Indian artists to improve their standards to perform in International platforms
  • Flag holder of Indian culture- as now Yoga, Indian food, dresses like Khadi is touching new global audiences, Indian dance with innovation can help to outreach such Indian products effectively at global level.

However such fusion has few challenges also

  • Cultural challenges– what we sale out, it comes back to India also. Now Indian youth are more attracted to western style and forgetting worth of Indian dance form.
  • Talent drain- Indian artist find it more attractive to be in western world for good life, remuneration and other benefits as artist. It is shifting Indian talent to outer world.
  • Dilution- Indian dance is facing crisis to maintain its originality and more and more fusion will dilute Indian style of music. Indian dance is known for its sanity and spirituality such fusion may harm its basic purpose to entertain audiences.

Indian dance and western music fusion will enrich both the arts and will help artists to leaner more form each other. Meanwhile India needs to have its own robust system to promote Indian dance culture to maintain its originality and push youth talent.

The regulatory framework of an economy comprises various bodies, statutes and regulations. However, the pace of change has been so rapid particularly in service delivery like banking, e-commerce and app based services that the regulators are finding it difficult to cope up. Analyse by giving examples.

India and world has regulation body institutions in practice to maintain the standards and ensure better customer services. But in recent time regulatory bodies are facing many challenges

Legislative challenges- Many regulatory bodies do not have enough legislative powers to perform their functions. Recently TRAI seek more authority to ensure its functions to regulate the telecommunication industry.

Professionalism- is lacking in regulatory bodies so there are not able to compete with market demands and changes. Now many sectors opened FDI and new international firms are entering in India. Professionals need to speed the process to ensure ease of doing business with quality.

Role clarity– who will perform which task, it is a great complexity. Many regulators are in same business like finance management by SEBI, RBI, and government department also. It creates confusion and reduces accountability.

Political interference – Regulatory bodies face great challenges to manage between market forces and political interference. TRAI policy on spectrum pricing and net neutrality issue created lot of political hype. Similar RBI governor controversy is negative signal to market.

Judiciary outreach- many time regulatory bodies are not able to perform effectively as because judiciary delays and procedures take lot of time. Transfer pricing and capital gain issues take lot of time to get clearance from courts.

Credibility– in controversial issues like Maggie ban case, credibility of Regularity body FSSAI faced many challenges as different labs provided different results. Standard maintenance is must for these institutions.

Today Indian customers are in cross road and looking for great future. Applying technology, learn form best global practices, better communication mechanism with stakeholders will solve few of the challenges.

Border management strategies should not only focus on strengthening the border protection forces but also on generating goodwill with the people residing in the border regions. Do you agree? Analyse in the context of India.

India shares a long border line with many nations and unfortunately India do not have a peaceful neighborhood relation with many countries. In such scenario border management need dual focus for border management with better ration at border for following reasons

Improving relations- India and Bangladesh has border tensions because of small issues like grazing land, forest use, and water area use for fisheries. Similar with Sri Lanka India has big issue on fisheries area use. Historical record shown bullet powers are not enough to solve the issue so local institutions and army need to use soft power and communication to get long term solution.

Counter internal challenges- Drug supply, support for naxal movement, supply of fake currency is not possible without support of local people at border. Dialogue with those people; help them to overcome poverty by promoting skills, and better future for kids will keep them away from illegal acts.

Intelligence help- It is known fact that local people identified the Kargil insurgency first. Support of local people is vital to ensure full proof intelligence network across the border.

Reduce huge cost- border management is costly affair and such huge cost can be reducing if border area people are stable and supportive. This can be achieving by using of soft power.    

Local sentiments- Across border India have much diversity. Army sensitivity for religious, cultural, and political institutions will built rapport with local people.

In recent time Indian army has taken much initiative like Skill development, “Bharat Bhram” for students, infrastructure development, and scholarship programme. Political steps LBA with Bangladesh will help more. Meanwhile more much need to do specially with use of ASFPA in disputed border area.


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