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Day 47- Ques Ans

An under construction flyover collapsed in Kolkata recently. The accident caused death and injury to many. Are safety standards in India so precarious that lives of our citizens are compromised like this? What reasons would you attribute to this accident? What would be your response as the administrator of the area?

Recent incident in Kolkata was unfortunate event but more unfortunate is, such events in India are no exceptional. Building fallout across the metro cities, fire incident in Make in India event are such examples. Such events happened because

Violate Standard practices– Material used in infrastructure and engineering gaps is common fault which has found in such incidents.

Poor people participation– civic role mostly minimum in such projects which actually suffer or utilize it most.

Corruption – is one root cause for such incidents as it the reason that standard companies are out of race and substandard companies get the work order. It also affects the total costing and ultimately impacted the project quality.

Poor litigation process- Historically in India, responsible persons in such events was able to skip from litigation process. It shows the gap in total litigation process which need to fix at all level.

Political industrial nexus- Projects like Kokata were in work since last many years with many extensions; it could not possible without political- industrial nexus; local city administration and musicality also responsible for such events.

To stop such events few steps at local need to ensure at two levels response to accident and law and order situation

  • Immediate arrangement of doctors and care staff to treat the people
  • Ensure maximum possible compensation for death and injured people
  • Clean the mess as soon as possible to ensure no traffic in area
  • Ensure law and order to avoid any rage in city
  • FIR against the responsible company and call the authority to response for event
  • Will ensure the best possible legal action against responsible authority for event.
  • Will try to develop with other authority people to develop SOP for such infrastructure project and its enforcing in future.

Life loss cannot take for granted in India and all we need to ensure no such event should occur in India.

The number of mobile phone consumers in India has increased rapidly in the last decade. In fact, India had one of the largest mobile phone consumer base in the world. It provides a splendid opportunity to be tapped in order to improve governance. Do you agree? Examine.

After China, today India has maximum mobile users in the world. It increases multiple opportunities for government to reach up to common masses by use of technology. For governance it can be big boost by following ways

  • Information dissemination– can be done in seconds by use of mobile technology. For farmer weather information, market prices, and possible insect pest attack share by mobile is one example. Similar every section can get such services as per need like income tax.
  • Mobilize people perception– mobiles can be used by government to get their feedback on various governance related work at local level to national level.
  • Problem solving approach– in Delhi government has used mobile app to locate the polluted pockets in city with the help of local people and started cleaning drive. Real time basis such projects can run by mobile tech.
  • Security– especially for women can get a big boost. Now GPS tech in mobile, Use of Himmat app is for women security while travel is possible by mobile use.
  • Education– Now government has pushed for online and distance courses. Mobile tech can boost the reach for such courses for students who live in rural areas.
  • Social service delivery- government much supported JAM trinity is depended on mobile services.
  • Online work- paying bills, filling forms, and other works can be done without physical presence which helps to reduce cost and time loss.

Still India has low net penetration through mobile and it has huge potential. Mobile supported governance need to get facilitate with digital India movement, efficient networking, digital education, competitive pricing, net neutrality principles, and safety on concern of privacy.

What is the importance of branding for promoting the culture and heritage of a country to attract tourism? Do you think promotional initiatives like ‘Incredible India’ have really worked in India? Critically examine.

In today globalization context branding has huge relevance to promote our culture and heritage because of following reasons-

Attract tourism- branding is needed to attract tourist from across the world in India. India also need to leverage huge tourism potential to bring more and more tourist to India.

Spread information- branding helps to spread the knowledge and information to new tourist for India. Gujarat tourism data shows that after Amitabh Bacchan endorsement, tourism get 600% boost in Gujarat.

Show case of Indian heritage– India has 5000 year old heritage which left many great monuments and cultural gems in India. To showcase Indian food, dress, monuments, and promote Indian culture it is needed to supplement with branding.

India as soft power- Now as Indian culture, heritage, Yoga has been globally accepted so barding will have multiple effect to reach across the world for tourism promotion and same time will help India to establish itself as soft power hub.

Promotional even like Incredible India bring lot of good for Indian tourism as it supported for-

  • Improved Indian image as tourist destination across globe
  • Made people aware for their responsibility towards tourist and tourism
  • Helped to boom tourism industry and generate lot of livelihood in sector
  • India has involved as global tourism competitor in global tourist market.

However few challenges also emerged by it as

  • More pressure of civic resources which are not enough prepare to observe foreign tourism.
  • Increase the cost for local travelers
  • Dilution of Indian way of life and tourism pollution is new threat for tourist destinations in India.

Tourism industry can be a boom for Indian under new initiatives like smart city, HRIDAY, PRASAD, MAUSAM initiative, online visa facility and other initiatives. Need to promote ideas like rural tourism and eco tourism in India through branding.


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