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Day 49- Ques Ans

India became one of the few countries of the world to have developed it’s own navigation system. Elaborate the working of a navigation system. Also enumerate the applications of navigation in traffic management, Public Distribution System and security of women in cities.

Indian space agency ISRO has achieved historic success with own navigation system IRNSS. Now India is not dependent of USA supported GPS system for navigation. Few specific features of IRNSS are

  • India has become fifth nation which has its own navigation system
  • IRNSS has total 7 satellites including 3 in geostationary satellite
  • Total its coverage is 1500 Km far from Indian territory.

Function of navigation system- any movement get signal form navigator satellite and which helps it to identify its specific location in the earth. The signal received by instrument will tell longitude and latitudinal location precisely. Although navigation system has multiple use

Navigation for traffic system

  • It ensures proper path guidelines for vehicles in all modes including water and sky.
  • Specific location for travel and clarity of path even when user is known for it
  • Traffic management and security is great help from navigation system.
  • Own navigation system makes army strategic traffic movement safer and secure.

Use in PDS system

Chhattisgarh has demonstrated a successful example that how GPS based tech can used for PDS delivery. It has assured food delivery from starting point till end user. It greatly helped to bring transparency in system and same time 98% delivery in Chattisgarh against average success of 48% at national level.

Women security

Government has asked all vehicles to have GPS system to identify its location at real time basis. All commercial vehicle and app based services has this in metro cities which is great help to security personal to track the vehicles at crisis time.

IRNSS will serve Indian civil and armed force requirement in great way and it is a great leap for ISRO and grand gift to nation.

You must have read or heard about the incident of an autistic child not being allowed to watch a concert which he so dearly wished to attend. Although the incident took place outside India, such discrimination is a sad reality in our country as well. What in your opinion should be the remedy to such issues? Elaborate in context of the discrimination faced by the differently abled in India.

It is unfortunate gesture to not allow disable kid for a show when it is against the Human Right of individual. Such incidents are not new and Indian disable people especially poor people face such challenges. To counter such challenges many steps need to be taken-

  • Sensitivity– it is the biggest issue among society which need to be generate or make them aware on disable rights and wishes.
  • Education system- social issues like disability must be part of education system so students will have awareness and sensitive for disable rights and related issues.
  • Government role– government policy at union and state level need to be more supportive. Scholarship for education, easy job loans, schools for special kids, counselling centres, mandatory building code for disable friendly are few aspects which need a serious lookout.
  • Civic society role– there is many NGOs working for this cause but they need to ensure greater people participation for the cause.
  • Laws- there should be strict laws at place to ensure that anyone who misbehaves with disable people should get proper punishment for this.
  • Social security coverage– many government schemes need to have better delivery system to reach up to most depressed section of society. Many time because of poor physical condition people not able to get what they deserve, delivery system must have sensitivity for them.
  • Role models– many disable people has done great job in different sphere of life, such success stories need to be part of print and social media to motivate and sensitize people for the cause.

Recently government has taken many initiatives in the regard like Sahyog programme, enforcing building codes, make transportation more friendly, new name (Divyang) for disable, and so on. Such steps will move society for more inclusiveness.


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