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Day 50-Ques & Ans

Do you think the constitutional ideals of equality and justice have been compromised by criminalizing homosexuality in India? Discuss the issue in light of the controversy surrounding section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

Homosexuality getting acceptance gradually across the country and many times resolution has been pushed in UN. In recent time India has absent from any voting in UN and same time SC is hearing the homosexuality case after long demand from LGBT community. LGBT demand for their rights needs to get voice in India as

  • It is as per constitutional principle to accept one right to life under Fundamental rights.
  • It is now a global trend to accept LGBT rights and so India should not shy away to at least debate openly on the issue.
  • It is individual choice and by law forcing it illegal may not go as per constitutionality.
  • Preamble talks about liberty and justice which is for individual right and choices for his life; a century old 377 IPC act is against it and need reconsideration.

As now SC is willing to listen case on LGBT issue, it is high time to debate the issue in society and legislative level also because

  • Political consensus needed to form an act for it.
  • Under universal civil code debate, this will be additional issue to debate.
  • Different religion people should know about it and so debate need to be promoted at mass level.
  • Indian stand at international level need clarity especially in UN voting so for that wider consensus need to develop in country.

For long, homosexuality has been seen as taboo in the society and from law to religious leaders no one openly accepted it as per natural process. But it is high time to debate the issue and understand the need of LGBT right, as it is a natural biological urge so it should be understand from that perspective.

The focus of Start Up India must not be confined to the IT sector alone. Rather diversification and innovation should be brought in, to impart sustainability and wider reach to the initiative. Elucidate.

After NEP it was IT sector that get maximum benefit and it is proven as IT sector driven service sector contributes more than 50% of total Indian GDP. The challenge is, it could not offer much job so Indian growth called “jobless growth”.  Now under Startup India movement need its diversification from IT industry because

  • Job growth– innovation and business promotion in other areas will offer more jobs specially startup is manufacture sector which is more labor oriented.
  • Focus on primary and secondary sector– in recent time agriculture and manufacture need more attention to diversify the Indian growth. That needs to be in focus in startup p movement.
  • Push for Indian oriented innovation- today India is facing challenges in many areas, starting from financial services to making own defense system. Startup innovation to Indian oriented challenges will deliver better services to local people and will push for contextual solutions.
  • Business Sustainability- business needs diversification for sustainability. Many firms in IT sector may not be viable for industry as mostly are export oriented. So more and more diversity will make space for maximum business success and observe more and more startups.      
  • Serve new India- huge rural market in India needs new and cheaper innovative solutions that need to focus by new movement.

Indian trade policy offers export increase from 2% to 3.5 % till 2019 and it is not possible without diversification Indian growth in textile, agriculture, capital goods, MSME, pharmaceutical, and so on. However India needs not to loose from its traditional superiority in IT sector and more and more innovation must be driving in near future also

The problem of drug addiction has become a serious threat in many states of India. What in your opinion are the factors responsible for this menace? Does it portray a worrying picture of India’s internal security preparedness? Critically examine.

“Udta Punjab” movie has raised drug menace issue as national debate in India. We need to look this problem not as a specific state issue, but as national issue because of following reasons

  • Illegal money and its use- drug is huge source for illegal money and security agency has raised voice that such money used for terrorist activities, trafficking, and other illegal activities.
  • Youth as liability– Indian youth is becoming liability once it gets trapped in this menace and it is a prime cause for family disturbance in many cases.

The prime reason for this menace is

  • Loopholes in border areas– as borders are not 100% secure so cross border supply of drugs is creating the biggest challenge.
  • Law and order weakness- unfortunately many time police person and political leaders are getting blamed for pushing illegal trade in India.
  • Lack of awareness- Youth who get trapped into it, do not know the end of this deadly habit so lack of awareness need to address.
  • Indian geographical location – is also one reason as international route for drug supply involves Pakistan and Afghanistan and India becomes a by default route to pass this drug.

It is a serious challenge for internal security preparedness because

  • It is the reason for supplying the illegal money for other illegal trades which cause serious security issues in country.
  • It shows Indian intelligence does not have specialization to handle drug trafficking issues and special training and equipment need to be at place.

India need to address this issue at highest level as it has potential to convert demographic dividend to liability. Strong action against drug mafia with proper rehabilitation policy, mass awareness, check easy access, and meaning full livelihood opportunity will help to break this nexus.



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