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Day 55- Ques Ans

Will you conduct yourself in an ethical manner even if the consequences of your actions are against national interests? Substantiate your response by taking an example.

National interest is epitome for a patriotic civilian and his duty is to preserve the nation good. For me my priority is national interest are far ahead than my ethical manner but it will not allow it to happen without logical analysis. For this two examples can help to understand it

When I will prefer national interest over my ethical manner

  • Ethically it may be wrong to have a mass destruction nuclear arm with human. In spite of that notion, as an administrator for national security I will stand with the decision to have nuclear arms for national security.

When I will prefer ethical manner over national interest

  • When I personally feel, that against short term national gains something can be achieved by negotiation which will bring long term good for human kind, I will prefer to follow my ethical manner. For instance, in climate change dialogue, many may argue that India INDC goals are not in national interest but I personally feel it is our moral responsibility to make earth livable and all need to contribute for it even one need to sacrifice short term goals.

National interest is not a universal notion and all can take it from different perspective so ethics and morality always helpful for decision making. Gandhi ji has proved it right when he called movement back in 1922 even when many felt it was not good for freedom movement. But based on ethical gourd and took the call and we all can learn a great massage from this lesson.

If you qualify the Civil Services Examination, you will get the opportunity to work as an administrator in public life. You will have many duties to perform, and very often you might be faced with ethical dilemmas. In the context of the scenario explained herein, do you have a role model to follow? Which famous philosopher/ leader/ administrator you would derive inspiration from? Why?

India has produced many brilliant administrators who served well across the history. Personally I have observed my teacher who is professor in university and has taken many roles at university level. Few qualities which I have leant from him are

  • Perform your duty– in last 10 year, every moment whenever I have observed him, he performed perform his duty sincerely and with utmost honesty. This has deep impact on my work ethics.
  • Enabler and mentor– an administrator need to be good mentor and enable to built a team, my teacher has helped mentor role for more than 500 students in his long academic life. I personally indebted with this guidance and mentoring.
  • Give back to society- we owe a lot from society since we take birth. Someone paid for our education, health, salary, and other good we use. So whenever we can give back to society we must do that, this lesson I learnt from him.
  • Challenge yourself– my teacher always asks us to break personal comfort zone and challenge our limits; in his words it is the only way to bring best out of your capacity.
  • Decisiveness- this is one of the rare qualities of good administration I have learnt from him. During crisis time or in moral challenges he stood with his moral strength and take stand against all odds.

Unlike other great personalities I have seen my teacher while performing his duties, balancing his personal and professional life, and as an administration so I feel I will drive huge inspiration from him in my administration life.

Parents, elders and teachers try to inculcate values in children. Can you give account of a teaching/ lesson by any of your family member or a teacher that helped you overcome a tricky situation in your life? What were the values that were at stake in the situation that you were faced with? How did you tackle them

Dr Abdul Kalam usually mentioned it that Indian future lies in the hand of parents, elders and teachers. Personally I feel, it is 100% true form me. Out of many examples where learning from teachers and parents helped me, one I am sharing here

In last year of graduation we all get selected for bank job as agriculture officer. That time I was much inclined for rural development and so I decided to move ahead for higher studies. It was a tough decision indeed but my parents and my teacher asked to follow my heart and interest rather fall in short term security. Even I could not crack my dream college IRMA and decided to join TDA, Madurai, many raised doubts but my parent and teacher whole heartily supported to join institute and work in rural areas. After Master degree also when I decided to join NGO and work in tribal areas, my parents stood with my decision. The word of my parent and teachers regarding “follow your dream, put your heart for it and do not settle for short term goals” is one thing which I enjoy always.

The value of this learning is

Do not settle for short term goals as life meant for larger cause

Enjoy your life even when it is tough to you.

During work in tribal areas we have taken many projects for tribal welfare and in spite of short term challenges made them successful. I feel it was because I was able to live my dream that movement. Now same teaching drive me while preparing for civil services and I feel this learning as treasure for my life.

The Polar Regions are characterized by a typical optical phenomenon. Identify this phenomenon and explain its mechanism. What are the common names given to this phenomenon? Also discuss its impacts.

Optical phenomenon in poles, popularly known as aurora, is a natural event cause by interaction of high energy particles on upper layer of earth atmosphere. It mainly occurs or seen in pole region because earth magnetic field is most active and crowded here. On the top of poles, it gets compressed by solar wind. This interaction excites the electron present in atmosphere in the form of an oval ring around each pole and aurora becomes visible.

It has shown different colors because collision of solar wind and atmosphere particles excites the electron and when it comes to normal stage; it emits various wavelengths which create different colours which are visible in aurora. Sometime it is very much visible if solar flares are very much violent.

Different names are given to aurora in different poles; it is called “aurora borealis” in northern hemisphere and in south hemisphere it is known as “aurora australis”.

Impact of aurora

  • Aurora event produces its own magnetic field so it also influences earth magnetic field and change it.
  • Process of aurora making can adversely affect the space missions, astronauts and space crafts, upper radio communication. In furious stage it even can disturb electricity distribution system in the region.
  • Aurora event is a tourist attraction for people who visit in the countries like Greenland, Norway, Denmark, and other northern pole countries.

Aurora can be predicted with early warning system so bigger aurora events can track by scientists.


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