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Day 58- Ques Ans

Discuss the significance of land as a resource. How do land resources get depleted? How do we protect and conserve land? Discuss.

Land is the natural gift by Mother Nature which has huge significance as

Nutrient source– Land provides nutrients and other surviving elements which help autotrophs to make food and which further translocation energy to other living beings.

Natural balance– Land is a great recourse to ensure heat cycle, maintain nutrient and hydrological cycle and other natural functions needed for life.

Forest and agri development– forest which are lung of earth sustain over land resource, agriculture, prime livelihood is biggest user of land resource.

Industrial development– all resources for industrial development like energy, geological location, transpiration all based on land location where it get established.

Land resource get depleted by

Natural factor– like climate conditions, natural weathering process, climate anomaly like earthquake, tsunami, land slide, sear action and so on. It is natural and slow.

Human action – are like intensive agriculture practices, mining, human settlement. deforestation, desertification, use of chemicals and so on. It is most dangerous and fastest.

To conserve land human need to take concrete and long term steps like

  • Sustainable agriculture- emerging natural farming, organic farming, and zero tillage agriculture has promising sustainable future.
  • Forestation- need to sustain earth lung by achieving 33% land coverage by forest resources with full diversity.
  • Check desertification – by having scientific human settlement, increase forest coverage, and international cooperation.
  • Sustainable economic development- land resource is limited to it need sustainable use in economic activities.

Proposed SDG has ample scope to protect land resources and it is deeply correlated with climate change movement also so for earth sustainability, land recourse use optimization will be the key.

 What are the locational factors for the paper industry. Give an account of the distribution of paper industry in India and also the reasons for the same.

Paper is one of the important industries which touches our life and provides huge livelihood opportunity direct and indirect. To establish paper industry following factors need to consider-

Land availability– As paper made by pulp, wood contributes to raw material. So easy supply to wood is the key. So for forest plantation, wood storage, and processing land requirement is basic criteria

Water availability– for wood industry development is important so access of water makes criteria for industry set up.

Cheap labour– paper industry is labour intensive so cheap labour availability makes business location more sustained.

Access to old paper material– used paper material is now recycled in huge amount so its access is important.

Readymade market- which serve as ready and near available huge market for final product.

Because of these factors following areas has developed as paper industry-

  • Bengal- because of easy access of coal energy, water, and huge market facility.
  • Karnataka- it is ideal for forest development, water availability, and market access.
  • Maharashtra- where bamboo used as raw material to make pulp. Cheap laobur and market is other advantage. For high quality paper they export pulp from Canada as connected via port.
  • North Indian hubs- in UP and Bihar uses Salbai grass for making pulp. This grass is grown in large scale in the region for pulp industry.

Paper industry is huge polluted industry also so use of better technology, focus on recycling, limiting use of chemicals, and check carbon pollution will add value to paper industry.

India has reached out to the Middle East with renewed vigor and interest. Why? Examine.

Since Harrapa civilization we are in touch with Middle East and it is obvious that India need to have its unique place and positive interfere in Middle East because of following regions-

Economic reasons-

  • Energy requirement- India energy requirement is fastest growing in G 20 so it is natural to look for most abundant source of energy, Middle East region.
  • Huge Diaspora- out of total Indian Diaspora, 60% is in Middle East region so with such a huge population who touches every aspect of their life, India need to put extra efforts for better economic relations.
  • Investment opportunity- India need huge fund for its infrastructure development and Middle East countries has huge surplus fund to invest.
  • Success of Make in India- India is looking desperately new markets to establish its manufacture base and increase export. Middle East countries have huge potential on this regard.

Strategic interest-

  • Safety of Indian Diaspora- which is prime responsibility of India need to be ensure so strategically it is need of time to have better and stable mechanism.
  • Global security- today Middle East crisis is mother of global unrest and terrorism so to minimize it India need to have proactive role.
  • Internal security- against terrorism movement, support on Kashmir issue and POK Indian need Muslim countries support.
  • UNSC membership- for India needs huge support from Middle East region countries.
  • Secure overseas investment made by Indian companies in the region.

India and Middle East relations can bring benefit for both regions.  India needs to put extra efforts for institution building under UN watch which is the biggest need for crisis hit Middle East region.

With the new impetus to India’s relations with the Arab world, there are numerous diplomatic challenges and security threats that remain unaddressed and seek urgent attention. Do you agree? Substantiate.

Arab world is a club of nations which are self divided on many issues like sect, faith, economic issues, and so on so dealing with them, will offer many challenges for India. The challenges which India may face are following-

Diplomatic challenges-

Balance with regional powers- Arab countries are against Israel as country. Same time two regional power Southey Arabia and Iran have deep clashes. Maintain coordinal relation in such scenario is a task for Indian foreign policy.

Religious angle– Pakistan always tries to have diplomatic closeness on the basis of same religious base that India need to counter and balance.

Terrorism outfits– which are supported by different countries indirectly, how to tackle with them and find consensus is a challenge.

Diplomatic success– in spite of huge political investment made by PM in recent time it is not clear how much relation will improve with different countries in the region.

Security threats-

Threat from IS– any active engagement in the regain form Indian side can provoked IS and other terrorist outfits to infuse terror attack in India.

Kashmir Issue– which is a soft target from Pakistan can get sensitize by any diplomatic error by India in the Arab world region.

Defense relations– India need Israel for its defense security so still it is not clear that how we deal successfully with Arab world and Israel

Safety of Diaspora– is remaining a mystery for Indian government in the region as huge return will disturb Indian economy also lie Kerala state.

Arab world politics is a mystery for west powers also and now India is also facing same challenge. Success lies with continues and honest efforts from both side.


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