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Day 59- Ques Ans

 Define attitude? Which factors shape the attitude of an individual? Why is it necessary to train the attitude of a civil servant? Substantiate by giving an example.

Attitude is one’s perception, thought to any given situating, place, event, or person. It may be positive, negative, neutral largely based on past experiences. So it also influences largely action also. There are factors which influence attitude like

Past experiences- of any event or any person

Value system- our grooming up, parental, and surrounding societal values

Once critical incident – one sudden event sometime change our attitude like towards girls security after Nirbhaya incident

Reading habit- reading habits also influence attitude unconsciously.

Civil servant who is always in decision making position they need to train attitude because

  • It helps in right decision making and keeps away from anger, frustration, and anxious behavior.
  • Right attitude for poor and deprived section of society, so CS will have empathy for them in decision making.
  • His behavior will be polite, helping, and caring while performing his duty.
  • Civil servant will be willing to take new initiative and challenges for welfare of society.
  • He will be able to make balance between family and professional life.

One example which show the attitude has not age bar and need no position is here

Mangla Rai- A renowned academician, DG of IARI, who had strong urge to work for University and student welfare, took charge of Pantnagar University at age of 70 years and made concrete change which was pending since last three decades.  His words and speech motivated many in the campus.

Attitude influences our decision making and it is contagious so have right thought process.

In public service, persuasion plays a critical role. Where in your opinion, persuasive communication can play an important role? Which tools will you adopt for effective persuasion? Discuss by taking an example.

Persuasion depicts individual personal or resource charisma by which he/she is able to influence and change others behavior or attitude. Persuasion communicating play key role at all levels of life like

At personal level– in intra communication many try persuasion for change self attitude and motivation.  Ex- players do a lot interpersonal communication

At family level– parents use persuasion to guide children and other family members in family matters.

At societal level- community leaders or local political leaders use persuasion skill to mobilize community for a common cause- Ex- cleaning drive in local area with mass mobilization

International platforms– Word leaders like Nelson Mandela, Hitler, and Wilson they all had great persuasions power who swing public mode as their wish. Ex- Nelson Mandela created a mix successful democracy.

Persuasion communication is not stand alone sustained as it must be supplement with integrity, right attitude, and strong character as Gandhi ji demonstrated.

For strong persuasion personally I adopt few tools like

  • First demonstrate myself than I ask others to believe on me and on my words
  • Quoting right examples in my words which have authenticity and facts.
  • Speak with facts and logic
  • Sometime speak with emotions and passion

Our teacher used such techniques as he wanted us to motivate for society welfare so one day he took all of us in an orphanage where we have seen a lady dedicated her life to serve North East kids whom parent get died in terrorist insurgency. It was a life time persuasion for me and I feel now I am more inclined for such purposes.

Society tends to impose certain value systems which may or may not be conducive to the law of the land. However, it becomes difficult to ignore them in public administration. Can you describe one such situation wherein social mores and laws come in direct conflict with each other? How will you address the conflict? Discuss.

India is such a diverse country has different practice in different areas, which local people follow since last thousand years. For them law of land has secondary as they believe more on their tradition and culture passed by their forefathers. .

During my short work period in tribal area in Dangs district, Gujarat, we encountered with one community, which popularly known as “Sati Pati”. They were so rigid and totally they opposed government rules. They even do not prefer to use government mode of development like road, vehicles, PDS and so on. When we started to try them to peruse for better agriculture practices like SRI, vegetable cultivation for nutritional security and so on, in first many attempts we even could not allow entering in village. They were hostile with our presence and so we missed whole year in persuasion. Only after have sustained interaction, interference by few local leaders from surrounding village, their exposure trip in other working villages, and few night stay in their locality make them comfortable with us and our work.

My personal experience, if one community by ignorance does not come close or follow law of land, than it is our responsibility to understand them and resolve issue by communication. If someone because of rigidity and fall sense of ego, try to create mess than public administration need to be decisive in that case as it was needed in Mathura case where self god man created mess in recent time.

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Orlando, Istanbul, Dhaka etc present a new and transformed face of terrorism. Do you agree? Substantiate. Since threats of terrorism are always looming large, what precautions should India take to avoid such attacks. Discuss.

Terrorism across world has changed its method and attacking strategy which is making it more unpredictable. Recent attack has new transformed strategy by following ways

  • Use of advance technology- terrorism is now using advance technology and methods to attack, use of chemicals advance technology is making it more deadly.
  • Single wolf strategy- in these attacks single person or a small group attacked on crowded place. It is called single wolf strategy which is more visible after Mumbai terror attack.
  • Use of internet- to increase their presence and mobilize the radical youth, terrorist groups are using extensively internet. They target self radicalize youth and mobilize them for terror attack.
  • Decentralization- unlike earlier, now terrorism groups have decentralized linkages in all the areas so it makes them more local and closer to locality. It makes their attack more effective and deadly.

In the give scenario India need to be better prepare by following ways-

  • Cyber alertness- in recent time cyber tracking is must to ensure to check radicalization. Andhra Pradesh police has developed a good and credible model which can take at national level.
  • Help of religious leaders and local leaders- youth get radicalized based on religious fanatics so help of religious leaders and local influential leaders in high prone areas.
  • Coordination- within intelligence among states, cross border information sharing, and among intelligence agencies.
  • Police training- it is police who works at grass root level so they need training and coordination with intelligence.

India seems much more vulnerable but better coordination, people alertness, are additive steps to support government for fight against terrorism.

Social security has received huge attention from the policy makers in recent years. What do you understand by social security? Why is it important to ensure social security and for whom? Discuss.

Any step taken by legislative and executive to help individual or family as cash or other forms to manage the heavy expenditure which individual cannot afford him/herself. It may be like PDS facility, public health, and insurance support and so on. It is important for social welfare for special section of society who is-

  • Working in unorganized sector
  • Women and children who make large dependent section
  • Different able people
  • Tribal, SC and ST community who are living below poverty line
  • People who are living in vulnerable areas like border areas, deep forest, and difficult terrain.

Social security facility is important to support in country like India because-

  • Constitutional and legal responsibility- Indian constitution which ensure welfare state, makes many provisions in fundamental right, DPSP, and many right based acts guides government for social welfare programme
  • Large poor population- Still 29% of Indian population is living below poverty line so they need government support to sustain minimum life standard.
  • Large unorganized sector- India has more than 85% population in unorganized sector so they do not covered by any formal social safety net. They need social security programme.
  • Huge old and dependent population- needs government support for health, insurance, food, and so on.

India has very wide central and state sponsored welfare programme but it need to more effective, transparent, well targeted, well recorded, and hassle free. Gradually we need to move in universal approach for basic needs like health, food, and education. State and center both need to have proactive role as it is in concurrent list.


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