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Day 72- Ques Ans

What do you understand by ‘vulnerable section of the population’? Why some sections of the population become vulnerable to externalities? What is the best way to address them? Examine by taking suitable examples.

Vulnerable section of society can be identified as “who are vulnerable to fall in vicious cycle of poverty than others”.  It includes old age people, different able, orphans, tribal, SC & ST minority without any economic growth, refugees, Diseased person like HIV infected and so on.

Some section are more vulnerable to externalities because

  • They are not inclusive in society based on caste like Dalit section, class like landless community, geographical location like tribal community, occupation like manual scavenging, and so on
  • Poor or no physical capacity to mange own affairs like old age people and different able people.
  • Security concern as single women or destitute section is not secure from economic and social point of view.
  • Poor inclusion in government offered welfare programme and under social security net because of illiteracy and other factors. .

To address these challenges multidimensional approach need to adapt-

  • Legal provision- better implementation of legal provisions is important like child rights are still not assure in spite acts like POSCO or RTE.
  • Civil society is playing quality role at grass root level but they need financial support and recognition to continue the work.
  • Panchyat and Municipality need to be accountable for welfare of vulnerable section of society at cutting edge level.
  • Social security net need to be target oriented, inclusive, easy to access.
  • Need rehabilitation policy for vulnerable section like manual scavengers and women and child trapped in trafficking.

Constitution has provision to ensure safety of vulnerable section of society that need to implement for achievement of SGDs as future target.

What implications will the ratifying of Paris deal have on the Indian economy? Analyse. 

Paris climate change ratified by India but its implementation cost will be huge. Recent study by ADB indicates that Asian countries will have to spend $300 billion a year. India alone will require estimated $ 2.5 trillion dollar to implement its INDC target till 2030. Paris deal will have following implications on Indian economy

Positive impact-

  • It will open new avenues for economy and areas like renewable energy, forest conservation, carbon credit which are market opportunity for near future.
  • Adapt better practices in agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and other primary sector to reduce depletion of soil and water resources.
  • Forest coverage will increase up to 33% so it will significantly help to improve air quality which is direct related to reducing health expenditure by citizens.
  • Employment opportunity in new sectors like renewable energy which has an ambitious target and will require human force at mass level to achieve target.
  • Its integration will help to make initiatives like smart city, amrut city, and green India corridor more resilient against disaster threats.

Challenges of Paris deal

  • Poor and vulnerable section of society with little financial capacity may not able to adapt the changes so rapidly so remain vulnerable.
  • All states do not have financial and technical capacity to implement it
  • No concrete action plan to generate huge financial requirement
  • Initiatives like BS-6 change will cause inflation in market.

Indian targets are ambitious and in right direction but success largely depend on financial resources; India need to mobilize it from developed countries, World Bank, and from own sources.

What are your views on the ongoing debate whether Pakistani artists should be sent back to their country?

It is said that artist are true representative of humanity and their own way they help to maintain peace, prosperity, and harmony in society. Guru Nanak, Meera, Sufi saints, and recently Sudarshan Patnayak, Rahman, and Gulam Ali, there are many examples who spread love through art. But in recent time it can be justified to ban on Pakistan artists in India because

  • When Indian diplomats are putting best efforts to isolating Pakistan in international forum internally also we need to show solidarity with them.
  • India needs to show its solidarity with its soldiers who lost their life for India by all possible manners.
  • If artist are true representative of humanity than Pakistan artist could raise voice but they have not said anything against terrorist act provoked by Pakistan.
  • If government has taken a stand than all need to stand with it and Bollywood cannot be an exception.

However against it there are arguments like artist come through legal channels and they cannot treated as terrorist or it will impact the entertainment industry. But we must remember that fight against terrorism cannot be alone an agenda for army, politicians, or diplomats; it need to carry by all individuals and institutions like Bollywood and cricket; Indian love artist and we always cherish their presence but nation stands first and till peace do not prevail we need to stand together.


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