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Day 80- Ques Ans

Sometimes, even the media can become a menace for internal security. Do you agree? Substantiate. What are the possible ways to plug the shortcomings of media? Discuss.

Media is touching every aspect of life and after surge of print media, social media, news channels; its reach on all contemporary issues has been amplified. With regard of internal security, media can become potential nuisance as

  • Technical information- as in case of Mumbai terror attack and now Pathankot attack, media indirectly helped terrorists by providing strategic information of army movements.
  • Yellow journalism- social media and print media many time cause chaos on sensitive issues which adversely impact nation willpower; like recent surgical attack discussion
  • Circulate false information- in recent times; border dispute information regarding India- China was false circulated by media which created diplomatic challenge.
  • Propaganda- in recent turmoil in Kashmir and Karnataka regarding water issue, largely because of false propaganda created by social media, it is danger precedence for national security.

To address these challenges few key steps need to be taken

  • Cyber security is paramount in recent time to check internet related false propaganda, cyber security policy 2013need effective implementation.
  • Independent expert body needs to work for monitoring the news channels and address related issues effectively to avoid conflict like recent ban on one channel for one day.
  • Media also need self regulation, media ombudsman initiative by one newspaper is welcoming initiative on this regard.
  • Media ethics need to be part of media courses.
  • State collaboration with social media platform like twitter and face book to control false information

Right to information is important but reasonable control is needed for media when it hurts the national sovereignty.

“Participatory-Notes (P-Notes) have been an easier source of money laundering”. Do you think a blanket ban on P-Notes would help to curb money laundering? Explain.

Participatory notes are important FII tool; it was 13% of total FII for India in 2014. P-Notes are issued by registered overseas investors which allow foreign individual to invest in Indian market without disclosing individual identity and income source. It create potential threat for money laundering because

  • It do not ensure transparency regarding fund source and individual identity so high probability of channelizing the black money and misusing the fund for anti national activity like terror finance and drugs business.
  • Finance minister white paper and SIT appointed for black money both identified P- Notes as potential tool of money laundering.
  • Technically it is possible to invade capital gain tax by P-notes, so reason for loss of government income.

There are arguments for blanket ban on P notes to avoid money laundering incident however this may not be the best alternative because

  • P note has emerged as one of the most impotent financial tool to attract finance in Indian market, ban will hurt business sentiments.
  • P note is one of the tools for money laundering, blanket ban do not ensure that all channels will get shut down.

Better alternative will be

  • Effective regulation by RBI and SEBI by monthly reporting system as recently introduced
  • Re negotiate DTAA with countries like Mauritius which attract maximum P notes to India.

India need to focus on tax transparency and better international collaboration to check misuse of P notes in near future rather total ban of it.

Why securing the borders is a daunting task? Also examine the key challenges and priorities of border management in India. What is Border Area Development Programme (BADP)?

Borders form the outermost boundary of a country’s territory and hence need to be secured from hostile elements such as terrorists, traffickers, smugglers etc. Covering long 1500 km territorial border and 7500 Km coastal border is a challenge because

  • Rigged terrain and climate : e.g marshes of Gujarat, shifting dunes and high temp of Rajasthan, dense forests and humid climate of NE, hills and cold of J&K
  • Aggressive neighbors and no clearly defined international boundary : e.g revisionist states such as China and Pakistan which are always on the offense
  • Vast coastline which makes securing maritime borders difficult
  • proximity to golden triangle and golden crescent
  • No reliable technology access and financial implications
  • Poetical issues especially in North East

Priority areas for Border Management are mainly

  • Securing western border to prevent terrorist infiltration
  • Securing eastern borders to prevent trafficking of humans, cattle, arms and drugs
  • Resolving boundary problem with China
  • Coastal security against any terror attack like 26/11

Border Area Development Program was launched under Ministry of Home Affairs to develop the regions and blocks of Border States take care of local people for special needs by providing them 100% non lap-sable grants for execution of projects relating to infrastructure, livelihood, education, health, agriculture etc. Development of these regions are crucial for the larger purpose of making the borders secure by utilizing the capacity and infrastructure of these regions as well as integrating the people in India through development.



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