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Day 81- Ques Ans

Question- The demand for a separate state is often driven by the lack of development. Is under-development driving the demand for Gorkhaland as well? Critically examine Answer- In Indian context smaller state demand is not new after independence and largely it was based upon linguistic (Andhra Pradesh), geographical (Uttarakhand), political (Telangana), and economical basis (Jharkhand). Gorkhaland … Continue reading

Day 80- Ques Ans

Sometimes, even the media can become a menace for internal security. Do you agree? Substantiate. What are the possible ways to plug the shortcomings of media? Discuss. Media is touching every aspect of life and after surge of print media, social media, news channels; its reach on all contemporary issues has been amplified. With regard … Continue reading

Day 79-Ques Ans

What is the threat perception of naxalism in India? Why naxalism has succeeded to widen its reach? Naxalism is one of the greatest threat perception of India as accepted by Prime minister also in 2011 because of following reasons- Naxalism has presence in 9 states and around 110 districts, which means very large territory is … Continue reading

Day 78-Ques Ans

What do you understand by ‘codes of ethics’? How is it significant for the civil services? Discuss. Codes of ethics is document which detailed with organisation vision, values, and core principles. It is helpful for ethical guidance of individual action as per organisation values. Civil services also have its code of ethics which can help … Continue reading

Day 77- Ques Ans

What were the outcomes of the Paris Summit concluded in December last year? Discuss. Did the Paris Summit indicate a marked departure from the previous trend in climate change negotiations? Critically examine. Paris summit has been seen one of the historic event where all countries agreed to reduce global temperature belong 2 degree temperature below … Continue reading

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