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Young Leadership for Young India-YUVA 2012

“Men is like an infinite spring in a small box trying to unfold itself”- Vivekananda Till 1990s India considered as the second most populated country in the world, but after 1990s scenario had totally changed when liberalization policies adopted by India. Indian young gun fired at world map in every dimension; than world realized that … Continue reading

Life in Pantnagar

This is the best part of our life.

Convocation ceremony in Pantnagar

When we entered in Pantnagar University in the year 2006, after six month, we joined our seniors’ convocation in March 2007. After that grand ceremony, the only concern we had that foe few days that we all friends will also join our convocation (either we will rank first from top or bottom). Finally on 21st … Continue reading

Field work II location- Mukteshwar

On 7th April I am leaving my Academy from Maurai and going to join Chirag organisation in Uttarakhand for my field work II. This field work is all about research and my topic of study is “Present Status of Fruit Cultivation, Its Impact on total income of hilly Farmers, and Future Challenges and opportunities in … Continue reading

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